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25 Hair Design Ideas young models are preferring in 2016

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Hair Design Ideas young models are preferring in 2016 One part of your body that can instantly transform how you look, is your hair. Hair are one of the most appealing part of your personality which is why they need to be styled and designed in a way that reflects ...

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15 Bryce Harper’s hair styles trending in 2016

15 Bryce Harper’s hair styles trending in 2016 However, in spite of the young lad’s vast significance on the pitches of baseball, he has also gathered fierce recognition outside the pitch. Similar to Beckham, Bryce Harper happens to be a gentleman off the pitch with a distinguished flair for fashion ...

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Maxi Dresses Collection for Eid 2017

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One of the most delightful occasions marked on the calendars that everyone looks forward to all year around is the occasion of Eid. This festive occasion is significant for many religious reasons but you also cannot overlook the joy and colors Eid brings to the lives of the Muslim community. ...

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Maxi is a dress that goes on with all sorts of occasions and events irrespective of the theme and trend because ‘maxis’ apparently remain in trend for all the seasons. Basically, maxis comprise of a loose or a tight fitted dress that extends up to the ankles or floor. Maxis ...

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Every woman should Look Gorgeous with these Elegant Maxi handbags

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 A maxi handbag or purse is something which is quite a fashion product is keenly carried by ladies all over the world. These are used to keep necessary personal items like money, cards, make up equipment etc. the size of purse or hand bag may varies from small to large ...

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