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Maxi Dresses Collection for Eid 2017

One of the most delightful occasions marked on the calendars that everyone looks forward to all year around is the occasion of Eid. This festive occasion is significant for many religious reasons but you also cannot overlook the joy and colors Eid brings to the lives of the Muslim community. No matter how dull life is going on, everyone is more than enthusiastic for Eid, where people forget their dull routines and the monotonous daily lives and just enjoy it to their fullest.

Before any big occasion takes place one of the most troubling and also the most fun activity is picking out clothes that you are going to wear on the big day. On Eid, this is particularly more important than on any other occasion because religiously, everyone is supposed to wear new clothes on Eid. This is the reason why the markets and shopping malls are flooded with people starting one week before the week. New designs and prints are especially available in shops just for Eid and some shops also put up Eid discounts.

Women Clothing for Eid

Even though everyone is excited to buy new clothes, women are specifically more tensed and very picky when it comes to it. Even though there are hundreds of different types of styles of dresses and thousands of different prints and colors, it’s still a very cumbersome task for them to choose the dress that would fit perfect and look perfect as well.

Women Maxi Dresses

Among the hundreds of styles of clothing available for women, one of the most popular style is a maxi dress. Maxi dresses have always been a fashion favorite among women. A maxi dress is a long free-flowing dress that is tight above the waist and usually is about ankle length or floor length.

maxi dresses 1

Why you should consider wearing a maxi dress

Many women may tend to think that maxi dresses can be a hassle to wear and will make them feel uncomfortable and decide to not go for them but that is not the case, there are many reasons why you should be wearing one of these long free-flowing dresses.

  • They’re comfortable

Even though they might look like they are really difficult to carry, they are actually quite comfortable to wear. You just need to find the right fit and the right fabric. These dresses and very breathe friendly and will not make you feel like you’re stuffed under a lot of fabric however if you’re choosing a very fancy one, it might be a little heavy.

  • The make accessorizing look effortless

One of the biggest dilemmas after choosing a dress is to find the right accessories that go with it. This is not an easy task and can take up a lot of your time and effort but with these dresses, finding the right accessories is not too much of a problem. Since they are pretty much enough on their own, just some simple earrings or bangles would go with them. If the length of your dress covers your feet you don’t have to worry about picking out the right shoes either.

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  • Less is more

Women might over-do or go over the top while planning out their Eid attire. With other types of clothes, you would have to pick out the right tights or the right trousers and then you might need a matching shawl or dupatta with it. The good thing about a maxi dress is that it makes less look like more. Since it is long enough to cover your body completely, you don’t have to worry about things and you also don’t need to accessorize too much.

  • You don’t have to worry about how your legs look

Legs are the part of the body that can make any women conscious. With short length clothes, you have to worry about how your legs look and finding the right pair of trousers that go with the length of your shirt to make your body look proportionate, if there is even a little error your body will end up look disproportionate. Well, with a beautiful maxi dress, you can eliminate this problem all together.

  • Easy to maintain

This does not go for all maxi dresses especially the ones that are too formal but maxi dresses that are made from light fabric are very easy to take care of. You can easily put them in the washing machine, some might need to be sent off to the dry cleaners. Another good thing about these dresses is that you don’t have to iron them over and over. You can roll them and put them in the closet but they’ll still be fine when you take them out again.

  • Versatility

This is probably the best thing about Maxi dresses. They’re versatile enough be worn almost everywhere. After you’re done with Eid, you don’t have to worry about never wearing them again after that. They are perfect for wearing on weddings and formal dinners. Ones that are not too fancy can even be worn on a casual day out. You can always transform the look by throwing on accessories and in winters you can put on a blazer and a scarf and have a completely new look with that same maxi dress. You can transition a maxi dress as effortlessly as the maxi dresses themselves are.

  • They’ve always been a classic

Believe it or not, maxi dresses have been around since the 70s and as you can tell, they’re still as popular as they were back then. You can own a maxi dress and not worry about it going out of fashion anytime soon. Maxi dresses have always been fashionable because there is a huge range of colors and patterns they are available in. There is also a wide range of fabrics these dresses are available in. There is just so much variety that you’re never going out of options. A maxi dress will bring out the best of your lady like personality.

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Different Styles of Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are so full of options. There are so many types and so many ways you can style them that it can get overwhelming.

Some common types of maxi dresses are:

  • Halter Neck Maxi Dress

These look very elegant and sexy and are definitely made for special occasions and they look fancy. A halter neck dress is basically strapless but it has a strap that goes to the back of your neck. This dress will expose a large part of your back. The straps reaching the back of your neck may already be sewn together or they fit together by using a button or a hook. These types of maxi dresses would look great with long dangly earrings.

maxi dresses 4

  • V-neck Maxi Dress

A V-neck maxi dress has a v shaped neck that meets at the shaped, shaped like an inverted triangle. Some of the V-necked dresses might also have a V-necked back. The depth of the neck can vary from above the chest to below it. Since these dresses expose the neck and the area below the neck, a beautiful necklace or a pendant will go perfectly with it. V-necked maxi dresses come in all types of sleeves. from sleeveless to full.

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  • Strapless Maxi Dress

A strapless maxi dress has no straps that covers the shoulders. this type of dress will expose the shoulders and fit above your bust. These can be very flattering for women who have a beautiful neck line, however these might not be preferred by the conservative community as they expose a lot of the upper body.

  • Tank Top Maxi Dress

Every woman loves a tank top and probably has one in her closet because they are comfortable and easy to wear. Tank style maxi dress are designed like tank tops, only that they are not short tops but long dresses. This style is very airy and easy to breathe in and perfect for wearing in the hot summer weather.


  • Low-waisted Maxi Dress

The waistline of these beautiful maxi dresses falls far below the waistline, somewhere around the pelvis and the waistline is usually supported with an elastic so they can be stretchy. They also have a loosely fitted upper half of the dress that falls and sticks to your body at the elastic. The low-waisted maxi dress will make you look skinnier and proportionate. They come in all types of sleeves and as well. You can go sleeveless for summers or full sleeves for winter. A jacket or a blazer looks with them.

maxi dresses 6

  • High-waisted Maxi Dress

The waistline of a high-waisted maxi dress can be right above the waistline or farther above it somewhere around the upper part of your abdomen. The waistline fits tightly to the body. Belts are usually available with these type of maxi dresses, if not you can get one to make your dress look fancier.

maxi dresses 7

  • Free Flowing Maxi Dress

There is no waistline in this type of maxi dress. It starts from the shoulders and flows down to the bottom of your les without getting tightened around the body at any point. The free flowing maxi is in the style of an A-lined shirt. This type of max dress will make your body look very flattering.

Empire Waist Maxi Dress

The waistline of an empire maxi dress lies just below the bust, where it fits with the use of drawstrings or elastic. The main purpose of this maxi dress is to flatter your busts and take concentration off your lower body. These dresses are a favorite for fancy occasions.

maxi dresses 8

  • Full Sleeved Maxi Dress

The full sleeved maxi dresses are usually popular in the winters as they cover the entire arm up to the wrist, however, by using sheer fabric for the sleeves, this type of maxi dress can be made appropriate to be worn during the summers.

  • Three Quarter, Short, Capped and Sleeveless Maxi Dresses

All these types of maxi dresses don’t have much difference except for the length of their sleeves. Three quarter sleeved maxi dresses have sleeves that reach the elbow. They can be loose where they end or can fit tightly around the ankle. Short sleeves end above the elbow, usually around the middle of the upper arm. A capped sleeved maxi dress has sleeves that fall a little below the shoulder but expose the armpits and a sleeveless maxi dress has the sleeves cut off. It might look like a tank top maxi dress but the sleeveless maxi dress comes in all types of necklines unlike a tank top maxi dress.

  • Pleated Maxi Dress

This one is a very voluminous dress almost like a princess gown. The bodice of this dress is fitted and pleats are added to the lower skirt part of the dress, the bodice can also be pleated. Pleats of different sizes and variations are added to achieve a certain kind of look. This type of maxi dress goes great with a fancy belt to go around the waistline.

  • Pencil Maxi Dress

The pencil maxi dress fits perfectly to the body, starting from the shoulders and all the way down to the bottom. These are preferred to be worn in winters because they can make you sweaty and hard to breathe in during summers. A pencil maxi dress will flatter all your curves.

  • Buttoned Maxi Dress

Some people just need buttons on their clothing as a favorite accessory and the buttoned maxi dress is for those people. The dress can have buttons starting from the top to the bottom, on the bodice or below the bodice to the bottom. It comes in a lot of different styles. Collared buttoned maxi dress is one of the top styles in this category.

  • Striped Maxi Dress

Stripes have always been a famous pattern and always will be. Maxi dresses are available in all sorts of stripes but you should choose the one that goes with your body type as the wrong choice can make your body look disproportionate.

  • Sheer Maxi Dress

Sheer maxi dresses are made of cloths that are sheer and the skin underneath is bit or a lot visible. These are worn to flatter what you’re wearing underneath. A skirt or lining underneath of a different color can be seen through a sheer maxi dress.

  • Lace Maxi Dress

A lace maxi dress is lined from top to bottom with one or different kinds of laces. These can be very pretty and fancy to be worn on very special and festive occasions. Lace maxi dresses unlike the sheer maxi dresses, are opaque. These are found in various forms with the blend of different types and designs of laces.

  • Combo Maxi Dress

A combo maxi dress is made up of not one but different types of clothes. The bodice of a combo maxi dress is made up of a different fabric and the bottom is made from a different one. The bodice and bottom is usually separated from each other by using and elastic waistline or a belt. Some of these might not look like a dress but a top and a long skirt instead. These can be worn on casual occasions as well as festive occasions.

maxi dresses 9

  • Denim Maxi Dress

This one is not really for a special occasion but more for a casual day out. But since denim has always been an all-time favorite fabric, it was important to include this one. When styled with the perfect shoes, preferably brown boots or wedge heels, a denim maxi dress will give a very edgy look. Denim maxi dresses come with buttons, drawstrings or plain belts. The good part about these is that you do not need layering underneath.


Finding the Perfect Fitting Maxi

Despite all the choices and options, you have available to choose from when it comes to maxi dresses, one important thing to remember is finding the one that fits you perfectly right.

Here are some tips to help you pick out just the right fit.

  • Length

The length of the maxi dress is the most flattering part about it which is why it is very important to find the perfect length of the dress. Make sure that the dress doesn’t end too much above the ankles because that will make you look shorter and neither touches the floor. Try to find a maxi dress that ends almost below your ankles and exposes some of your feet as well.

  • Prints

Maxi dresses are available in so many patterns and prints that it can take a lot of time to find the right print. Some prints may be too much and might look a little cheap. Use prints that are elegant. Stripes are one of the common prints when it comes to maxi dresses, vertical and diagonal stripes are better preferred as horizontal stripes might make you look fat. If prints are just not your thing, then that is also good news because maxi dresses are available in plain colors everywhere.

  • Shoes

Since the ideal height of a maxi dress is the one which exposes some of your feet, you are going to need shoes that will look good with them. If you have a very fancy maxi, there is no need to put on fancy shoes as the maxi would be enough on its own. Plain and pretty sandal would look good with such a maxi but if you are wearing a plain maxi, you can put on shiny shoes or add heels to the dress. Wedges with maxi dresses give the classic summery look.

  • Accessories

Accessories are the prime key to making your maxi dress outfit look flawless. Every kind of accessory goes wonderfully well with maxi dresses. If you’re styling a simple maxi, jewelry is your best friends. Perhaps long earrings and bangles if you’re wearing a short sleeved maxi would be great. You can also style your maxi with a cute handbag or add in a belt and make your look more complete. Another accessory that goes well with a maxi dress is a hat. Big hats or small, they will give you whole new look with your maxi dress. If you have a sleeveless maxi dress and its cold outside, there is nothing to worry about as maxi dresses look very chic with blazers and jackets so throw one on and beat that cold and look classy at the same time.

Styling tips for different body types

  • Curvy body type

If you have a curvy body, it’s best to not choose a maxi dress that fits too tightly. Empire waisted maxi dresses will great with your body type. Choose maxis with thick straps so that they cover more of the shoulder. Do not go for small prints, use prints that are bold or plain colored maxi dresses will also look good.

maxi dresses 10

  • Short Heights

Short heighted women should wear maxi dresses that are long enough to cover the ankle and end just above the feet. To make yourself look taller in these dresses, short women can wear pretty heels. Also, wearing a maxi that has a high waist can bring in the illusion of height. Do not wear maxi dresses that have very low waistlines and a tight fitting bodice.

  • Pear Shaped Body

A pear shaped body in a maxi dress will attract too much attention to the butt area and might make it look bigger. However, it does not mean that pear shaped body types cannot wear maxi dresses. The thing to note here is that you want to keep the focus off the bottom area. For this maxi dresses with very fancy bodices are a good choice. A free flowing maxi dress with no waistline will also keep the focus off that area. Avoid wearing tightly fitted waistline maxi dresses.

maxi dresses 11

  • Large Sized Women

The wrap style maxi dress will be perfect for this body type to flatter your shape and your size. Strapless dresses will make your curves look bigger than they are. Wear a maxi dress with a V-neck and be simple without using too many textures and patterns on your maxi.



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