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Tips and Tricks for Eyes Care

Eyes are a great blessing of God and should be the first necessity of every human being to live a healthy life. The eyes should be prevented from different kind of injuries and infections. There are various diseases and disorders of eyes that need special care and treatment to be removed. While many of the infections get normal at their own as they require no special treatment. The major problems related to eyes are as follows,

  • Eyes watering
  • Dry eyes
  • Eyes itching

However, any kind of infection related to eyes should not be taken for granted because it may turn into a severe problem afterwards.



Self-Treatment for Eyes

Many safe self-treatment products called OTC are available for mild eye disorders. The need of the day is that the following factors should be considered before going for self-treatment.

  • If you find the eye ball infected itself, consult the physician at once
  • If the OTC eye care product does not show any improvement within 72 hours then consult the doctor and stop the self -care treatment.
  • An ophthalmologist should be immediately consulted if your eye is suffering with vision blurring, double vision or any kind of eye pain.


Common Eye Diseases

There are lot of eye diseases that a person may get but some of them are found quite often and an expert eye specialist is suggested to be consulted immediately.

1.      Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye

This disorder is considered to be a cause of getting infection in the conjunctiva of the eye. The source of this eye disorder can be any bacteria, viruses or other allergens. If you are exposed to heavy smoke or dust, the possibilities of getting this infection is even more positive. The symptoms of this disorder is the redness of the white area of eye and increased tearing or water discharge.

This infection can be removed through simple eye wash with plain water, also the usage of common eye ointments may also eliminate the inflammation. For severe cases any consultant should be contacted immediately.


2.      Diabetic Eye

This kind of eye disorder is usually found in type1 or type 2 diabetic people. In such cases the doctor should be informed in advance that the affected person is also a diabetic patient so that he can be treated accordingly.

Any kind of negligence in treating this disease may result in complete vision loss.



3.      Glaucoma Or Silent Thief of Sight

Glaucoma is also called the silent thief of sight because it causes damage to the optic nerve quite silently if it is not cured timely, the chances of getting blindness are quite strong. The major drawback of this eye disorder is that it has no cure and all you have to do is keep good care of your eye and take all the necessary precautions to slow down this process of getting infection.


4.      Macular Degeneration

This is a chronic disease that eventually destroys your central vision by forming a tiny spot in the central portion of the retina. This disorder is basically related with aging factor. To get rid of this disorder one has to undergo a laser operation which is no more of complex nature now. Advancement in science has made this operation very simple and safe.



Apart from all these eyes disorders, one has to think of better ways in order to overcome all such kind of ailments and keeping the eyes safe. There are a number of tips and ways that will help us in keeping good care of our eye. Let us go through them individually.




Top Ten Eye Care Tips

Here are the most effective and easy eye care tips by applying which you can live a happy and healthy life.

1.      Using Sunglasses



Wearing attractive and funky looking sunglasses is not only a fashion symbol but it is the best way of keeping your eyes save. Sunglasses protect the eyes from the harmful UV rays that can damage your retina. So, if you want to have a charming look as well as you want to protect your eyes from any kind of eye disorders then never forget to use these sunglasses while going out of home.

eyes care image2


2.      Quit Smoking


eyes care image3

Smoking is one of the main reason behind many of eye’s disorders. Tobacco smoking is injurious to health and research have shown that AMD (age–related macular degeneration) is the common disorder that occurs in most of the smokers and ex-smokers. So, smoking should be strictly avoided.


3.      Eat Right


eyes care image4

Eating heathy food and taking fresh vegetables in your daily diet is a must if you want to keep good care of your eyes. All kind of green leafy vegetables and carrots specially leave a good impact on your eyes. While planning a healthy diet for yourself always keep in mind that your diet should contain all the necessary vitamins like C and E, zinc, calcium and omega -3 fatty acids so that the chances of getting AMD to our eyes get reduced. Healthy diet yields a healthy body. So you also need to take good care of your diet.




4.      Frequent Eye Examination

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Always visit a nearby reliable ophthalmologist for a complete checkup of your eyes. Initial screening will expose any kind of disease or infection if your eyes are going through. This frequent visit to an ophthalmologist will help you to keep a better care of your eye.


5.      Eye Protection

eyes care image6


Proper care and protective measures should be adopted while doing any such kind of work that may give any kind of harm to your eyes. Studies have shown that much of the eye infections are caused because we don’t take precautionary measures while working near fire, playing different sports or working for long in intense heat and sunlight. So, try to wear sunglasses if you are playing any kind of out- door sports or working in sunlight for long.



6.      Family History


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If you have a strong family history with any kind of eye diseases or infections then the chances of getting any of these ailments become stronger. So if you are already at a high risk level of getting any of the eye disorders, do not forget to stay away from any of such diseases by having a frequent medical visit, applying all the safety measures and taking healthy diet just to avoid such possibilities.


7.      Early Detection

eyes care image8

Some of the eye diseases like AMD, glaucoma, short sightedness and squint can be treated completely if they are diagnosed at the very early stages. Medical specialists have declared that many of the eye disorders if are not diagnosed and treated at their initial stages they may cause the patient a vision loss. So, any kind of eye infection whether mild or major should never be ignored at the very starting stages.


8.      Choose the Best Eye Specialist


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There is a long list of eye specialists and ophthalmologists who are practicing in the town. Always consult the one who is the most reliable and competent one because it is the matter of your vision and should never be taken for granted as eyes are the biggest blessing and necessity of life.


9.      Contact Lens


eyes care image10

Nowadays contact lens is another thing which is causing lot of eye disorders and infections. Sub- standard lens and using them carelessly may lead to many problems. First of all always keep in mind that the wetting solution used for the lens should be all the time available with you if you use contact lens frequently. Never use water to keep them wet. Do not wear the contact lens overnight. After removal from the eyes they should be kept with proper care. Always consult an optician before buying any kind of contact lens. Try to avoid contact lenses as possible as you can, they are somewhat harmful for the human eye.


10. Avoid Eye Fatigue

           eyes care image11


Besides the other eye safety prerequisites, keep your eyes away from any kind of eye strains. Working for long hours in front of computer, playing games or chatting on cell phones with a closer eye contact, reading books in a lying posture and keeping your head closer to the paper while writing, these are all the causes that lead to eye strains or stress. It is suggested that if you are focusing anything for long it is better to keep your eyes away for a couple of minutes. Washing your eyes with fresh water if you feel


Any kind of eye stress will give you a relief from this strain. It is better to close your eyes and cover them with slices of cucumber if you want to give a fresh feeling to your eyes.


Kid’s Health and Eye Protection

eyes care image12

Kid’s eyes are as delicate as they are themselves. No one can deny from the importance of eyes in anyone’s life. They require special attention and care from our sides. For young ones there is a list of some precautionary steps that can be adopted to keep eyes safe.


An Eye Care Guide for Kids


  • Wear goggles while playing especially in intense heat, sunlight and also when playing in swimming pools.
  • Do not try to wear someone else glasses as they can harm your eyes.


  • Turn on enough light while reading so that you can protect your eyes from getting tired.
  • If your eyes get sore, do not rub them with unwashed hands, just go and tell your parents.
  • Avoid looking directly towards the sun.
  • Wear hats and glasses while going outdoor.

eyes care image13

  • If you cannot see the black board properly in your class room instantly tell your teacher or parents.
  • If anything gets into your eyes, just give a thorough wash instead of rubbing your eyes hardly.
  • There is no shame in wearing glasses rather the kids wearing glasses look more intelligent so never try to avoid wearing glasses only because of your looks.

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Safety for Other People’s Eyes

It is not only necessary to look after your own eyes but looking after other people’s eye is necessary as well. You should avoid all those acts that may harm anyone else’s eyes. Here is a list of certain don’ts that should never be followed by you.


Do not

  • Throw salt, dust or other garbage towards other people’s eyes
  • Target or point sharp things like pencil tip, knives or scissors towards others.
  • Shot anything towards others, even if this thing is of a small size. For example if you shoot a toy pea shooter gun or paper planes towards others it may hit their eyes.
  • Spray any kind of perfumes or insecticides near someone’s eyes.
  • Suggest any eye ointment for someone’s eye infections without a prior consultation from an eye specialist.


Doctor’s Prescription

If you have been tested by an optician and in case any kind of eye sight weakness or ailment is diagnosed by them, then do not get hesitant. There is no hard cure for the eye weakness problem, the only following things will be suggested by the doctor to help your eyes;

  • Practicing simple eye exercises.
  • Wearing eye sight glasses for a short time period.
  • Sometimes wearing glasses for a longer period.
  • Wearing contact lenses for those who avoid glasses


Simple Home Remedies to Improve Eyesight

Besides consulting a doctor or optician, you can also take good care of your eyes by adopting simple home remedies. People advise to adopt some precautionary measures to protect your vision. Here are some simple tips and suggestions to get a six by six eye sight.

Weak Eyesight and Their Symptoms

There are some clear clues that tell you that your eyes are suffering from some kind of infection. Some of the infections are mentioned as under,

  • Blurry vision
  • Eye stress
  • Watery eyes
  • Heavy head or minor head aches
  • Itchy or red eyes.

Simple Remedies through Diet and Exercises

1.      Almonds

Almonds are the best source of improving your eye sight because they are enriched with Omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin E and antioxidant content. To get the maximum nourishment from almonds soak 5-10 almonds in water daily and leave them overnight. Eat these almonds by removing the outer skin and with water or a cup of warm milk. For better results eat these almonds with empty stomach.


2.      Carrot Juice

Taking fresh carrot juice in the morning is best for the eyes health. You can get the maximum benefit of this remedy in the winter season as carrots are found in abundance in winters.


3.      Morning Walk

Walking for 20 to 30 minutes in the grass in morning can aid in the treatment of eye weaknesses since it stimulates the nerve fibers, thus aid in reflexing.


Eyes Exercises

 eyes care image15


Exercises are important to improve various eye weaknesses, which may be caused either due to long sightedness (hyperopia) or shortsightedness (myopia). Treatment for these diseases includes glasses with appropriate lenses that tend to focus the image upon the retina leading to a clear and distinct vision. Practicing eye exercises can aid in the treatment process and also help cure the symptoms such as blurry vision, headaches, watery eyes and dizziness. In addition to referring to a normal consultant, exercises such as rolling your eyes in clockwise direction and then in anticlockwise direction, using a pencil etc. Following are some such exercises;


Exercise No. 1:

Using a pencil, hold it at an arm’s length and bring it closer to the eye and then back again. Repeat this exercise for at least ten times a day, this exercise helps to make the eye muscles more flexible and retains normal blood flow to the eyes.


Exercise No. 2:


For normal eye functioning and to prevent headaches, roll your eyes clockwise and then counter clockwise while blinking in between. Repeat this exercise 5 to 6 times a day.


Exercise No. 3:


Shuttering of eyes is another healthy exercise, which involves repeated blinking of eyes without squeezing shut tightly for 20 to30 times. Repeat this exercise for two times a day.


Exercised No. 4:


Palming, cup your eyes using your palms after rubbing them together for heat generation. Do not apply pressure while covering the eyes and avoid any light from entering. Palming is beneficial for flexing the ciliary muscles.


Acupuncture Technique


 eyes care image16


According to the Chinese methodology, applying on certain regions and points around the eye can specifically help relief pain and cure eye diseases. Acupuncture is a great technique for relieving any kind of eye pain and improving your sleep. It is the body’s self-healing process in which certain pinpoints around the eyes are stimulated by insertion of fine sterile pins. According to Chinese methodology, the acupuncture technique is used to evoke the energy flow through the human body.


  • Apply gentle pressure and massage the region around the eyes according to the points mentioned in the above picture. During pregnancy consult a professional acupuncturist and avoid burn and infection sites around the eye while massaging.
  • Despite using very fine sterile pins the acupuncture technique can also be done through deep massage around the eyes. The acupuncturists are well-aware of all the accu-points around the eyes. A deep massage around the eyes makes you feel relax and will relieve all the pains immediately. Moreover, it also improves your eye-sight.


Use of Gingko Biloba

Increased blood flow in the eyes can improve your vision and sight. Gingko Biloba improves the flow of blood from the eyes and also boosts up the eyesight. Moreover, Gingko Biloba also helps I protection against several eye diseases. These include the macular degeneration and glaucoma. Other researches conducted show also reveal that is can also cure retinopathy. Apart from curing the eye diseases and boosting up the vision, Gingko Biloba is very useful in relieving you from anxiety. It also helps in improving the thinking and memory of a person. People mostly use Gingko Biloba for patients that are suffering from Alzheimer or dementia.

  • A daily dosage of Gingko Biloba can help you to recover your eyes from any sort of pains. Increased blood flow from the eyes is very useful as it will increase the vision of eyes. 120 mg per day is the standardized dosage of Gingko Biloba that can help you to attain a perfect health. You can take capsules two to three times per day.
  • There are several precautions that you ought to take while you are using the herb. You should not give this herb to little kids as this can react with the internal body conditions. Moreover, the people already having treatment for diabetes should not be given the Gingko Biloba. In such cases you should your doctor.


Utilizing Bilberry

Another beneficial remedy for curing any sort of eye diseases is using the Bilberries. It is very useful in curing the eye health and your vision. Moreover, these berries also help in improving the night vision. The night vison depends upon the purple component of the retina. The Bilberries help in regeneration of the purple components of the retina that can improve the night vision of the eyes.

Aside from improving the night vision of the eyes, bilberries also help in protection against glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts. Mostly, bilberries are utilized for curing the retinal problems that are related to high bool pressure or diabetes. It is composed anthocyanoside. It is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant chemical that is useful in treatment of high blood pressure and diabetes. There are certain directions that you are ought to follow while you treat your eyes with bilberries.

  • You need to eat one and a half cup of bilberries daily in order to improve your vision and the health of your eyes. If you cannot find bilberries in vast amount you can also opt for bilberry supplements.
  • You should take the supplements only after consulting your doctor. Generally, the physicians prescribe to take 160 milligram of bilberry extract, twice a day and few times a week, not daily. You should take care that the amount of the chemical anthocynaoside is not more than twenty-five percent.
  • The herb has the tendency to react with other chemicals and medication that you take along the day, so before taking the bilberries always consult your doctor.

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