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Everything you should know about the Eyes! From eye care to eye makeup styles

It’s all about the Eyes! From eye care to eye makeup styles

Eyes are windows to the soul, it is said; and rightly so. You may think that eyes occupy such a small part of our body, surely they can’t matter all that much? But the truth is that eyes, and the way they look, are extremely important. If you want to look great, eyes are something that you just cannot ignore.

Ever been sleep deprived and gone to work with bloodshot eyes? No matter how well made up you were and how pretty your clothes were, what was the first thing everyone noticed and commented on? Surely, your eyes. If you otherwise look perfect but have dull eyes, or have wrinkles around your eyes, you will not look amazing. Eyes can change the overall look of a person, so they deserve your time and effort!

Eye Care: General Tips:

You wash your face and apply creams and cleanse your skin; that is good enough, right?


Eyes need special attention to attain their full potential and look extra good. Here are the things you need to know about eye care. They will make the skin around your eyes appear young, fresh, smooth and perfect. As a result you will be surprised by how youthful you look.

Sun Protection:

UV rays can cause damage to the skin, and skin around the eyes is no exception. Whenever you are heading out, wear sunglasses that entirely cover the region around your eyes. This way, you will look stylish while also giving yourself some much needed protection. Also, do not miss this area when applying sun screen, which should be SPF 30 or higher.

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Don’t Miss Out On Sleep!

Dull, red and puffy eyes will ruin your entire look. Sleep time is repair time; this is when our body recovers from all the damage done to it during the day. Therefore make sure you are getting enough sleep each night.

Hydration and Diet:

If you are dehydrated, your skin will also become dry and wrinkly. As the skin around the eyes is thin, the effects are manifested here very quickly. This is why you should always drink plenty of water, particularly during hot summer days.

Make sure you are eating a healthy diet. This includes fruits, vegetables and meat. Fresh fruits and vegetables will give you the vitamins that your skin needs to thrive and glow. Green tea is also very good for skin because it is rich in anti-oxidants. These are materials that fight damage done to the skin, and hence keep it young and fresh.

Fish is rich in omega -3 fatty acids, which is great for skin.

Always Remove Make-up:

Make-up looks good but you must remove it at the end of the day. The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and delicate. Prolonged application of make-up will damage it.

Eye Care: Cosmetics and Special Care:

When you invest so much into your skincare and buy dozens of creams, lotions and moisturizers, you must also buy a few products meant for the eyes. The thing about such products is that they contain nutrients which are specific for eye care and hence will make your eyes look perfect.

Eye Creams:

There are specific eye creams in the market that are meant to reduce wrinkles and lines. These creams will rejuvenate the skin around your eyes and give them a fresh glow that will make you appear bright and youthful. Eye cream may seem like an extravagance but if you have crow’s feet, this is really something you should invest in.

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Eye Masks:

Just like there are masks for the face, there are also masks that are meant to be used around the eyes. These masks are generally rich in anti-oxidant nutrients like Vitamins A and C etc. As skin around the eyes is thin, these nutrients are directly absorbed and then do their magic. These masks should be applied once or twice a week and left on for an hour or so.


Cleansing is an essential part of daily skincare routine. When you cleanse your face, do not miss out your eye skin. Eye make-up needs to be removed at the end of each day. Once you have properly cleansed your skin and removed all the make-up, debris and dirt, you should then apply a soft cream or lotion before going to bed.

Anti-Ageing Products:

There are several anti-ageing products for eyes available in the market. If you have crow’s feet or wrinkles around the eyes, you should get yourself these products. They may have ingredients like Vitamins C, A and E, green tea extracts, resveratrol (extracted form red grapes) etc. These products include eye creams, lotions, masks, serums etc.

There are also night eye creams which you can apply and leave on. These will repair the damage done to the skin and rejuvenate them during the night.

Eye Care: Tips:

Cucumber Slices:

This is a well-known eye care trick that everyone has heard about. It is really effective.  It works best if your eyes are puffy and you need to make them look fresh and amazing.

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Black Tea:

Add black tea leaves to boiling water and let them soak for a few minutes. Then, throw away the leaves and refrigerate the tea. Once it is cool, you should dip cotton pads in the tea and place them on your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes. This will result in increased freshness around the eyes.

Raw Potatoes:

Raw grated potatoes can help reduce eye puffiness and swelling. They are a good idea if you are rushed and need to reduce your eye swelling in a hurry.

Wash Your Eyes:

Splash water into your eyes regularly. Cold water does wonders if your eyes are puffy and red. It can also soothe your eyes and make them sting less.

If you want to remove make-up, you should wash your eyes with lukewarm water. Wash your eyes several times per day, especially when you come from outside.


Eye Makeup

Now that we have covered the basics of eye care, let’s move on to another topic that is not only very important but also very interesting.

Have you ever noticed how beauty and makeup specialists spend tons of time in making up the eyes? This small part of our face commands maximum attention when it comes to makeup. This is because eye makeup is the one thing that you can do to make or break your entire look.

If you don’t apply any makeup other than eye makeup, you will still look amazing. However, if your eyes are bare and dull, nothing else can make you look quite as beautiful. Eye makeup takes a bit of time and effort, but oh how it is worth it! Whether you are going to work or heading to a party, you can always do with some appropriate eye makeup.

So roll up your sleeves and get to work, we are here to tell you how best to make up your eyes so they look perfect for every occasion.

Things You Need FOR EYE MAKEUP:

To apply perfect eye makeup, there are a few things that your makeup kit must include.

  • Eye liner: this is perhaps the most important. No eye makeup is complete without an eye liner. Also, this product is sufficient in itself if you are just heading out to do some chore and need to look clean and smart.
  • Eye shadow: you should have various colored eye shadows to apply.
  • Kohl: if you want smoky eyes, having good quality kohl is a must.
  • Mascara: this will make your lashes look long, dark and beautiful.
  • Concealer: a concealer will help hide your dark circles and also even out the tone of your skin.
  • Brushes: to apply eye makeup, you need the appropriate brushes.
  • Eye pencil: to shape and darken your eyebrows.
  • Highlighter: this is used in the inner corners of the eyes.

How to Apply Eye Makeup:

This is a step by step guide that will teach you how to apply eye makeup. Later, we will go into the details of some famous and beautiful form of eye makeup.

  1. Concealer:

This should be applied first of all. This will hide your dark circles and make your eyes ready for makeup.

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  1. Base:

Base is important in eye makeup because it ensures that the makeup you are using stays on for a long period of time.Using a base will also even out your skin tone and thus make any eye shadow stand out and look more beautiful.

  1. Eye Shadow:

Next up is application of eye shadow. Choose the colors according to what you are wearing and what kind of look you want to portray. You can use one eye shadow or three different ones. We will discuss a few styles later.

  1. Eye Liner:

Always apply eyeliner after eye shadow; otherwise the shadow may blunt its color. Application of eyeliner can be very varied. You can make a thick line or a thin one, cross the border of the eyes or give your liner an upward tilt for a more dramatic look.

  1. Highlighter:

Application of a highlighter is entirely up to you. If you are going to a party, you should apply it to the inner corners of your eyes. Dull gold or silver ones look best.

  1. Mascara:

After your eyes are all made up, apply mascara. You can also curl your lashes with a curler for a more dramatic look. Black mascara looks great for all occasions, but you can also go for colored ones if you like.

  1. Eye Pencil:

If your eyebrows are thin or you want to give them a particular shape, you can use an eye pencil to do so.

These are the steps you need to follow. How you apply the makeup depends entirely on you.

Eye Makeup Styles:

There are tons of different styles you can try when going for eye makeup. The most important deciding factor is the occasion. Are you just going for a stroll in the park or are you heading for a party? Here are a few eye makeup looks that you should try. Practice a bit and you will see it is not as difficult as it seems.

Eye Makeup for a Casual Look:

For a casual look, you need to apply very little eye makeup. Apply a concealer first; you need to choose this carefully according to your skin color.

If you are just going to the market or going for a run, it is best to go light on the eye shadow. Eye shadow gives eyes a festive look that works best for parties. However, you can use matte eye powder, which looks really nice. If you do want to use an eye shadow, go for a nude or a light colored one, like beige. Start at the lash line and gradually blend it in as you reach the crease. A light pink colored eye shadow also looks great, making you look youthful and fresh. You can also apply a dark shadow where the brow bone meets the crease. This will make your eyes stand out.

Apply eyeliner in a straight, thin line. Disconnect the line on your upper and lower brow to make your eyes look bigger. Black colored eyeliner works best if you have dark colored eyes. However, if you have blue or green eyes, you can also use dark green eyeliner and it will look perfect. Another option is dark brown eyeliner. It also works well with all colored eyes.

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Next, apply mascara. When using the mascara stick, wiggle it back and forth at the base of your lashes. This will separate the lashes and hence make them appear longer and more beautiful. Also apply mascara to your lower lashes, being very careful not to smudge it. Once mascara is dry, apply a second coat. Black color works perfectly for all eyes.

Smokey Eye:

This works best if you are going to a party or a night time event. There is something just so classy and mysterious about dark, smudged eyes. Here is what you need to do to get the perfect smokey eye look.

First of all, use a concealer and a primer. Now to apply the actual shadow: use a dark grey color and apply it above the lid crease and bring it down to the lash line. You should smudge this color to blend it down to the lash line. Now apply a black eye pencil to the upper lash line. Again, you should smudge this line because a smoky eye has no harsh lines or edges.

Apply a lighter shade of grey to the lower lash line. You can use a metal shade for this purpose. To create a more dramatic effect, you should apply a silver eye shadow to the inner corners of eyes. Make sure that this shadow is somewhat dull and not a very brightly shining one.

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Now use a darker grey or back color and apply to the outer corner of the eye. Smudge this color so it blends with the rest of the shadow.

You can also use a highlighter along your brow bone. This creates more of a shimmering effect that adds to the timeless beauty of a smoky eye. At the very end, go for black mascara. Remember to curl your lashes first and apply two coats of mascara.


Black Smokey eye is the all-time favorite, but it is far from the only option. Something that is becoming quite famous these days is using purple color for Smokey eyes. They add color to your eyes while retaining the sexy, classy look.

If you want to look really fancy, you can create the same effect with golden color. Use light and dark shades of gold and smudge them together to create a shimmering, shining Smokey eye that will look spectacular in any festive setting, particularly if you want to stand out. Just make sure that you alter the color of your eye pencil accordingly. For a gold Smokey eye, go for a light brown eye pencil.

Applying Three Eye Shadows:

Here we will tell you how you can apply three eye shadows. They will make you stand out while being harmonious enough to not look overwhelming.

The first important thing is that three colors are always chosen as light, medium and dark. For example you can choose three shades of the same color. Or if you want a more colorful look, go for lavender, violet and then dark purple.

Merged Effect:

To go for a light, merged look, apply the lightest color on the upper lid up to the crease. Then, apply the medium color on the crease. You should do this by moving your brush across the crease to and fro. Now, where the two color lines meet, you should blend them together. The dark color should only be applied to the outer corner of the eye. This should make a “V” shape. This color, therefore, should not cover your entire eyelid.

Now again, using a brush, blend this color with the other two so that it does stand out quite so much. For this look, it is best to go for light colors like beige etc. However, you can try this look with pretty much any color, as long as you use light, medium and dark colors.

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Stand Out Effect:

Apply the medium and the dark color on the upper lid and the light color on the lower lid. The medium color should be on the lid and the dark one should be on the crease. You should then blend these colors together. For this effect, you can even use different colors. For example, light blue, dark blue and green. The effect is quite stunning and looks amazing, even if it does need a bit of practice.

You can also apply the three colors in a different way. Divide the eye into three sections. Use the lightest color on the inner section, the medium one on the medium section and the dark color should go on the outer corner of the eye. You must blend these colors otherwise they will look quite jarring and overwhelming.

 eye makeup image8

Contact Lens:

Finally, we will talk about contact lens. These are tiny, transparent pieces of plastic that are worn over the cornea (the clear, round outermost part of eye). Lens may be worn to correct a visual error or they may be worn just for beauty.

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Wear Time:

Based on how long you wear lens, they are divided into two types.

Daily wear: to be removed nightly.

Extended wear: can be worn continuously for up to 7 days. Some latest ones can even be worn up to 30 days.


Contact lenses come in two types. They may be transparent or colored. If you are wearing them to correct your vision, you can choose either of the two. If you do not want to look different, or just love your natural eye color, go for a transparent lens.

However, if you want to stand out and change your look, a colored lens will suit you better. Lenses come in a staggering variety of color. You can choose single shaded ones like blue, green, hazel etc. Alternatively, you can select shaded lens. These are the ones that have different shades of the same color. For example, a grey colored lens can have various tints and shades of grey. Such contact lenses look quite dramatic.

Just make sure that you the choosing the lens based on your skin tone and color.

Care of Contact Lens:

If you are wearing lens, whether for eyesight or for beauty, there are some safety precautions you need to practice.

  • Wearing time: make sure you follow the wearing time of your contact lens; otherwise you may end up irritating or damaging your eyes.
  • Solution: Contact lenses come with their own solution. When you take them off, make sure to place them in their solution. This keeps them clean and free of allergens.
  • Wash your eyes: before and after wearing the lens, wash your eyes with cold water.
  • Allergies: some people are allergic to the type of plastic lens are made of. If you experience any redness or irritation, take them off immediately.


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