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27 Elegant Nail Design Ideas every woman must try in parties

Fashionable look for every woman has become quite famous in recent times, and for good measure. No matter how well made up you are, if your nails are not beautiful, your entire look will be ruined.

When it comes to nail art, sky is the limit. There are so many designs and such varied looks, you are sure to come across a design that you love. From extravagant images made on nails to simple stripes and dots, the possibilities are endless.

Everyone has their own favorite ideas when it comes to nail designs. It is important to remember that everything related to nails matters; their shape, size, paint color as well as design. Here are a few ideas that you should look at, and then you can choose which one to try.

1.      Matte Nail Paint:

For a good nail art, you need a good nail polish. To go for a classy, elegant look, use a matte nail polish in a dark color such as burgundy, purple, maroon etc. To perfectly carry off this look, it is best if you first cut your nails to give them a square shape.

This look works best for formal events.

nail design 7

2.      Using Simple Lines:

To create a minimalist look, first apply a base coat of any color. Then draw a single line on your nail with a nail pen. This line can be diagonal, or you can make two lines intersecting each other. Lines look neat and tidy. However, if you want to create such a design, you have to practice a bit to steady your hands and ensure that the lines are perfectly straight.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that these lines should b of equal width throughout. If a line is thin and thick in different places, it gives a very un-neat look.

3.      Tip Of Nail:

If you are the type of person who likes things clean, minimalistic and clear, you should go for this design. Only color the tip of your nail differently. For example, you can paint your nails with a clear, shiny polish and apply pink color nail polish to the tip of the nails. White color also works very well with this type of nail art.

nail design 8

4.      Coloring One Nail Differently:

This is a simple elegant nail design idea that anyone can do. When you are painting your nails, color one of them differently from the rest, on each hand. For example, if you are going for a blue color, paint one nail white on each hand.

In this design, white, silver and gold serve as perfect colors for the nail that is being painted differently. This is because they work well with all colors and are also eye-catching and attractive. Golden and silver colors also give a festive look to nails and thus will look good if you are heading to a party.

5.      Using Glitter:

The use of glitter on nails is something that will never grow old. No matter what kind of design you are going for, you can top it up with a little glitter. Glitter nail polish comes in clear as well as in different colors. You can choose which one you want to apply, according to the color of your nail polish.

If you want your nails to look extra elegant, apply matte nail polish to your nails and only apply glitter to one nail of each hand. You can also apply glitter to alternate nails, giving your nails a shinier look.

nail design 9

6.      Flowers:

Flowers look beautiful everywhere, and nails are no exception. Drawing tiny flower petals on nails make them look fresh and pretty. If you are going to an outdoors party, or just heading out on a summer day, this design will look perfect.

nail design 10

You can draw a whole flower on the nail, or make only a few petals. Color is again your own choice. Drawing flowers with contrasting colors to the base look really good.

7.      Stripes:

Stripes are a nail art fashion that will never disappoint.. Making evenly spaced, neat stripes on your nails will always give them an elegant look. You can make colored stripes on a clear coat or paint your nails in one color and make stripes with another color.

If you want a different look, draw stripes on only half of one nail while they cover the whole of other nails.

8.      Gold On Black:

This is a color combination that exudes elegance. To pull off this effect, paint your nails with a matte black color. Once this color has dried, you can now apply golden colored nail polish in several different ways.

nail design 11

You can use gold glitter to give your nails a shiny, classy look. You can also draw stripes, dots, spirals or lines with a golden nail pen. If you want to get really creative, draw a different design on each nail. The combination of black and golden will give your nails a steady look even if thedesigns themselves are different on each nail.


9.      Butterflies:

Butterflies look beautiful, classy and colorful. You can go about this design in two ways. First method is to draw tiny butterflies on your nails, one or two on each nail. They can be of any color you choose, and will make your nails look colorful.

The other idea is to paint your nails in such a way that the design on them resembles butterfly wings. In this way, the whole butterfly is not visible but anyone who looks at your nails will immediately make the association with butterflies because of the wing pattern.

10.  Snowflakes:

Making snowflakes on your nails always looks perfect. You can give your nails a dark blue base coat and then draw the flakes with white color. Any dark color can work as a base coat for example dark blue, maroon, black etc. However for the purpose of making snowflakes, blue color looks best. This is because blue resembles sky and thus the whole look will be that of a winter sky from which snowflakes are falling.

nail design 12

If you are going out in winters, making this design on your nails is sure to catch the eye of everyone around. It also gives a cool, calm and serene look to your nails.

11.  Black and White:

The classy look achieved by drawing a black design on a white background is quite stunning. Black and white together gives a very polished and high-end look to the nails. You can draw any design, pattern etc. and it will always look great.

A good idea is to draw black petals, flowers or leaves with stems on nails that have been painted white. The tinier the design, the better the overall look. You can also make various shapes and swirls using black on white.

Painting half your nail black and the other half white also looks good. You can then draw designs on each half, with the opposite color.

12.  Tints And Shades:

If you only want to use a single color, a great idea is using different shades and tints of the same color. Using these shades in different gradations look just about perfect. For example, you can start at the base of your nails with a dark purple color, and tint the color so the tips are painted a really light purple.

This design, although looks great, is difficult to create at home. Therefore it is best to go for professional nail artists for this one. The end result is quite stunning and well worth it.

13.  Using Two Colors:

You can also use two colors on one nail and have them blend into each other. For this purpose, colors that resemble each other are best. For example you can choose blue and purple or red and orange. Start with one color at the base and paint the tip with the other color.

You can have these two colors blend into each other. If you want a clear demarcation between the two, you can separate them with a sharp and precise line, which can be straight or diagonal. The colors can also be painted separated by a zigzag line.

14.  Beige Color:

Using beige color is a good idea if you want to give your nails an elegant, minimalistic look. Beige will make your nails look really clean and clear while still giving them some color.

To create a prettier design, you can add gold or silver colored lines or spirals to the beige color. This will make your nails shine and make them look a little more festive. Give each nail a slightly different design to make them look better.

15.  Pearls:

Pearls speak of wealth, status, elegance and class. If you want to give your nails such a look, you can apply small pearls to them. These accessories are especially created to be used on nails. They will stick to nails and hence add a 3 D element to them that cannot be ignored.

Pearls come in many different colors. For an elegant look, white or black will look best. However, you can browse any craft shop to see the types of nail pearls they have, and choose whichever ones you like. Pearls or beads are also available in glittering shades.

nail design 13

Pearls can be used on clear, manicured nails but they look best when used on a dark base color. This makes them stand out and so everyone will clearly notice them.

16.  Studs:

Nail studs are objects that can be used on nails to make any nail art look different and exciting. These 3 dimensional objects come in a staggering variety of shapes and colors. “Studs” is a general term that stands for all objects used on nails. These include rhinestones, sequins, metal studs etc.

The studs may be solid or they may be hollow. They may have a single color or may have different patterns or designs made on them. Studs can be matte or glittery. Various shapes like hearts, circles, triangles etc. are available. Studs are also present in many sizes, ranging from really tiny to ones that cover more than half a nail.

When you are using a stud for your nails, keep in mind the colors you are using. Gold and silver color studs work perfectly with pretty much all deigns.If you want colored studs, you have to be careful that you create a look that is elegant and not jarring or overwhelming.

nail design 14

Glittering or shining studs work best if you are going to a party. For an everyday use, go for simple colored studs.


17.  Stiletto Nails:

While square or round shaped nails do look good, the look of nails cut in pointy, stiletto shape is quite unparalleled. These nails will look great with any type of nail paint and design. Matte colors look great in such shaped nails. However, their true beauty is brought out by using gold or silver colors on them. This will draw attention to the nails and their perfect shape.

nail design 1

18.  Bows:

Bows look perfect while giving the nails a youthful look. You can draw a bow on your nails or alternatively, there are bow-shaped studs available in the market which you can apply to nails.

One idea, when painting bows, is to paint a nail with two colors. The bow can then be drawn on the intersecting line where the two colors meet. Making the bow a little tilted will give it an even better look.

nail design 2

Do not make them very large in size. This will make then overwhelming and the rest of the nail design will be dwarfed in comparison.

19.  Red And Black:

Red and black has always been a perfect combination, and will continue to be so forever. Painting your nails red and black is easy, simple and looks fabulous. Be creative and create different designs; do not just go for simple alternating red and black nails.

Drawing red lines, swirls, spirals, dots and designs on black matte nails looks amazing. Tiny red flowers also look good.

20.  Hearts:

When you think of hearts, the word “elegant” may not come in mind. However, if made properly, this design looks quite good. Forget the clichéd appearance of red hearts and be creative. You can go for small black hearts with attached strings on a pale or beige base color. A single heart in one corner of a nail also looks good.

Red hearts on black base always look great, but make sure they do not become too overpowering. You can make a heart on only one nail of each hand. Drawing half a heart on the side edges of nails also looks quite nice.

nail design 3

21.  Dots:

Dots are easy to make and can be done by anyone. They look quite pretty if made properly. If you really love nail art, it will be a good idea to buy yourself a nail dotting tool. With this tool, you can make dots of any size and they will be perfectly circular.

Although randomly placed dots look good, for a more elegant look you should try something different. Try making little dots in a spiral patter. Or you can make some dots large while the others are small.

As always, creating variations between the nails will make your nails look more artistic. For example, you can paint all your nails a solid color and just make dots on one nail in each hand.

22.  Clear Nails:

You can never go wrong with painting your nails with a coat of clear nail polish. If your nails are perfectly cut, the clear color looks great. To add a bit of festivity to such nails, you can always sprinkle a little silver glitter on them. This will make your nails shine when light falls on them but otherwise they will be smooth and simple. And no one can deny that smooth and simple is always elegant.

23.  Light And Dark:

Painting your nails with a light and dark color will make them stand out. You can paint the base of your nail with a beige nail polish, for example, and the tip can be black. Similarly try pale yellow for the nail base and dark red for the tip. A large number of variations can be created in this way.

Another idea is to paint the base with one color, draw a line of golden color and then paint the rest of the nail with another color. This looks especially good if you are using black color for the tip, because black looks perfect with gold.

You can also paint the two colors diagonally. However, if you are going for a very light and a very dark color, then painting them as base and tip color works best.

24.  Abstract:

Abstract art can be drawn beautifully on nails. You can draw a few intersecting lines and then color the compartments that are thus created. To look classier, color only one of the compartments and leave the remaining nail clear. You can also draw the lines with different colors; do not just settle for black.

Abstract art, when perfectly created looks amazing. However it requires a bit of practice. You need to try a few times before you settle on a design that looks good, as not all such designs will look very elegant.

nail design 4

25.  Peacock Nails:

As the name indicates, these nails are colored like peacock feathers. To make this design, you need to make heavy use of green, blue and black color. Draw a general pattern of peacock feathers on one or all of your nails. If you prefer clear and minimalistic designs, draw this on only one nail.

The thing about this design is that you do not need to be too extravagant. Even if you create a design that resembles peacock feathers just a little bit, it will still look great and everyone who sees the nails will easily make the association.

nail design 5

26.  Matte And Shiny:

You can use matte and shiny version of the same colored nail polish on your nails. For example, you can paint half of your nail with matte blue and the rest is painted with shiny blue. Do not go for simple nail divisions; color the two shades in diagonal, zigzag or spiral fashion. You can also paint the base with a matte color and apply the shiny nail polish of the same color to the tip.

All colors look good with this combination. For a truly spectacular effect, try red, dark blue or gray colors. They will be sure to catch the eye.

27.  Tear Drops:

Tear drop pattern can easily be drawn on nails. You can create one large teardrop that is colored differently to the base color of the nail. A better way is to make several small, evenly spaced teardrops.  You can apply glitter to the tear drops while using a matte color for the base. Using a dark base color and lightly colored teardrops also looks good.

nail design 6

Another idea is to make teardrops in opposite direction. This means that if the tip of one row of drops is facing downwards, in the next row they should be facing upwards.




Make sure you have at least black, blue, green, red, gold and silver in your nail art kit. These are essential colors that are used in most of the designs and you really cannot do without them.

Nail Accessories:

Some nail accessories are essential if you want to practice nail art. Glitter is one of those things you absolutely need. Any design can be primped up by using a little glitter.

Also get yourself some studs to create a festive look if you are in the mood. As far as other tools like dotting tool go, it depends on you. If nail art is your passion, these are thing you should have in your kit.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Making perfect nail designs require a steady hand and you can get that only through a lot of practice. Sure, the first few designs will be smeared but keep practicing and you are sure to get better at it.



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