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15 Maxi Skirt Styles Every Modern Girl Should Try in 2016

Nothing quite walks the line between formal and causal like the skirt. The maxi skirt style and the varying options it provides are popular for a modern look in 2016 and cover both sides of that line. Made to go anywhere you need to go, these maxi skirts will allow you to walk into work and then straight to the casual dinner party or a night on the town. Feel confident, flirty, and beautiful as you take the maxi skirt to the next level in 2016. Adding any of these skirts to your wardrobe will add class, modern feel, and a superior chic visual to any girl.

1.     Mini Pleat in White

Relax in the summer sun and take in this quintessential triumph is the look for 2016, the slim pleat maxi skirt style is the perfect way to capture a modern shape. This skirt drapes long and flatteringly down the length of your leg with pleats that give a natural motion. This skirt will capture anyone’s eye as you walk by. It is modern in its simplicity with clean lines. This A-line design is made in light cotton fabric and the alabaster white makes it right for those long summer days in the heat. Comfort is at the top of the list with this skirt and you’ll love sitting back and taking in all the compliments while you stole through the park or take in the late afternoon boating on the lake. Flexibility is modern and so is this skirt. This maxi skirt style is a great way to dress up when you’re actually dressing down. Pair this skirt with a light weight tank top or a baby doll top and relax while maintaining your sense of style. The colors and fit are universal and just like the pleats will flex when you walk so with skirt flex with your wardrobe.

2.     Pleats in Peach

Pleats are 2016 and when it’s time to dress at the next level, this maxi skirt style is the height of chic that will take your fresh look to the next and up-scale level. Waist to floor pleats will give you the appearance of motion even while you are standing still. While the skirt length lines capture the modern styling you want for 2016 it is perfect for the girl going out for evening. The peach color encapsulates the late afternoon sunset and this skirt is what you’ll want to keep wearing long after the sun has gone down as you take the time late into the night. A low laying waist line extenuates this straight line skirt that is made from sheer fabric that will feel like a feather against the skin. Perfect for a wrap top in white or beige this maxi skirt style will exude fashionable and modern. Let this skirt boost your collection to the next level of style and take you to the next level of evening adventure.

3.     Bold Strip Wrap Maxi

When comfort is the name of the game this maxi style skirt is the perfect fit and the bold stripe design is the top of trendy in 2016. It’s all about the stripes this year and the bolder the better. The daring flare here is the perfect statement for this year and the colors on this skirt are wonderful for the summer to fall changeover. Warm in feel and cozy in comfort, yet it maintains that modern edge which is in perfect alignment for this maxi skirt style. This particular skirt is lined from the waistband to the knee for added comfort.  Made from rayon and spandex it flexes with your movement and is perfect for the office or dressed down causal affairs. This skirts sarong style allows it to accommodate any figure and it can go with virtually any top. By adding this skirt to you line up, not only will you have a skirt for virtually any occasion, you will also be able to feel perfectly at home. You will fall in love with this is skirt and it is the height of modern comfort. A must for this season and will last into seasons to come.

4.     Grown Up Gingham

The old made new is perfect for 2016 and having this grown- up gingham in your repertoire is a fantastic maxis skirt style. While gingham checkered pattern dates back to the mid-eighteenth century, the pattern in all its glory is a popular choice for a new modern look this year. It may look simple, but this skirt will actually help make it through the week. This skirt’s checkered design embodies flexibility.  Perfect for any occasion, this modern take can be worn as you take a picturesque walk on the beach or walking into the office for your morning meeting. With a pleated waist this skirt has a soothing fit that will compliment your waist line and its A-line style gives both a great fit and an airy feel when you wear it. This skirt allows for simple modern tops, both long or short sleeved button ups make the perfect accompaniment to be both casual and chic. Fun with a great fit, this skirt has the modern take on gingham that is exactly what you need for 2016.

5.     Summer Sequin Maxi

Elegant in design this maxi skirt style may seem too formal for the day to day but looks can be deceiving and that is where the beauty of this skirt lays. Depending on what you pair with this gorgeous champagne maxi skirt, it will move with you into any situation. Sequins aren’t just for cocktail parties anymore and this skirt is the perfect example. Prefer to dress the sequins down? Then pair this beautiful modern take with a graphic or embellished sweater or a button down shirt with rolled up sleeves. This allows this maxi skirt style to bridge the gap between summer and winter and it can be perfect for either. If you do need a dressy feel then pair this A-line style with a silken blouse and have that formal feel that is accentuated by its ball gown silhouette.  Lastly never forget that this maxi skirt is still just the thing for work with a simple but elegant light sweater it tones down the sequins but allows you to take it right through your long work week. There is an amazing feel to a sequin skirt that flows around you and gives you a comfortable style that is all your own.

6.     Patchwork Patterns Maxi

Trendy and modern for 2016 is this patchwork floral gypsy printed skirt has the wonderful mix of boho and hippie styling’s. The vintage maxi skirt style has everything that makes it the look of the summer and fall. The micro prints paired perfectly with patterns and parts ditsy floral prints will make wearing complicated patterns look effortless. Full-length and circular in design, this skirt is the ultimate in relaxed and casual. It is ready to wear for a fun weekend away; this particular maxi skirt style will look fantastic with a halter top or peasant blouse that flows just like the skirt. However, don’t be afraid to take this skirt to work as the durable cotton fabric breaths as you move and with a button down shirt will make it a natural working alternative to dress pants. Modern for 2016, the pattern takes the best from the 60’s and 70’s look and makes them new again. This skirt works with thigh high boots to take the look rustic or a settle of sandals for taking in the sun at the lake. This is an amazing summer skirt that will take you into the fall effortlessly and with beauty.

7.     The Romantic Ruffle Maxi

Romantic ruffles off the modern maxi skirt style that is both ultra feminine and ultra comfortable. The tiers of Navy colored fabric are the rage for 2016 and offer that contemporary look that a girl needs all year long. This particular skirt feels weightless, flowing around the waist and lower leg, it moves with a beauty that is all its own. Design to slightly tail in the back there is a quite sophistication to its design.  This maxi skirt style is cut from gossamer silk-mousse line and it features three ruffled tiers. This skirt will cover the range of tops from t-shirt to tank tops to tunics and work from spring to fall. A hidden bonus comes from the partial lining which leaves the hem sheer and beautiful. You can feel at easy wearing this around town and in the office as its free flowing design accommodates both. This unassuming maxi skirt will last throughout the season and into the next maintaining the modern feel that you desire.

8.     Dressed Up Denim

Not to be out done for 2016 is dressing up denim to hit the perfect look of casual-chic. The bowknot maxi skirt style has an updated design that makes it the modern choice for the girl with style.  Maintaining the maxi silhouette, the long back with shortened front shows off girls’ lovely ankles and adds flair to the contemporary and straight forward denim look. As you move with this flirty skirt each smooth step will ensure all eyes are drawn to you and the tie off bow adds flair to this design has never made denim look more sophisticated. If the situation calls for jeans, consider this maxi skirt style as the wonderful and fashionable way to up-scale a girl to a modern feel. Perfect for work, this maxi skirt is still just the thing for dressing up the jeans concept with a simple but elegant light sweater it heightens the formality but allows you to take it right through your long work day. The clean hem lines make this a durable option, but the superior cut prevents a stiff feel. This maxi skirt is the best of all worlds.

9.     Bows of Orange Maxi

The modern maxi skirt style for 2016 that takes a turn for the ages as orange truly is the new black. This skirt features a high waist that will compliment any waist line. In addition since the waist is elastic it allows you to choose just the right skirt based on your height. Modern in style and color this full length skirt and chiffon silk bow tie are perfect for summer. This chiffon maxi skirt style has a big sweeping flow that is both grand and emotional. The bow tie chiffon waistband, which is removable for added flexibility, has comfort that will make you want to wear this skirt all day long. This skirt looks very casual for summer but as you add in a fitted silk blouse it will take this skirt to new fashion forward level.  Handmade and suited for anyone, a little see-through look will allow you to entice as the skirt evolves with you movement and style. Wear this skirt to a summer wedding, a night’s cocktail party, or taking the boat for swing around the lake. Either way you’ll love the feel of this maxi skirt as it fits any situation that may come your busy way.

10. Fun Flowing Summer Maxi

Modern comfort can be found in this flowing and fun maxi skirt style. The name of the game for this skirt is its free flowing designer which highlights the easy of wearing this maxi skirt. It has two side pockets with an elastic waist for increased utility while not sacrificing style. This is the must have skirt for woman’s wardrobe. When you feel the need to look great and comfortable at the same time, you can’t go wrong with this style. A long opening front cuts this circle skirt design. Truly one of the trends of summer 2016, this color is moving straight into the fall. Featuring blue cotton with silver sparkling ascents, this maxi skirt style can be easily mix & matched for everyday use and fits into all occasions. For simplicity in wear, the long white cord make the skirt have a sporty style. This unique skirt is both lightweight and easy to wear. This skirt won’t cause you to shy away from wearing it work or shopping on a long afternoon as the durable cotton fabric flexes with your body movements. Pairing well with a button down shirt or with a causal blouse will make it a natural working alternative to dress pants. Simple and modern for 2016, the style takes the best of relaxed comfort and dresses it up in meet a girl’s fashionable needs.

11. The Perfect Paperbag Waist Maxi

The waist line is where it is at for modern style in the maxi skirt. The paper bag waist maxi skirt style allows you to create a variety of darling ensembles with this light leaf green maxi skirt featuring a simple flowing design with an elastic waist for feminine flare. The paperbag waist has been a fashion favorite for some time and this continues into 2016. This feature adds ruffled feel that isn’t overwhelming and an added tie highlights the waistline pleats. The style is completed with a flared maxi silhouette that only enhances this A linen design. This full skirt is great for a day of vintage shopping or an afternoon date. The soft color will make it the perfect accompaniment to your wardrobe and would pair well with a baby doll or bandeau top in cream or like color. While slightly think in the material lending it more to a fall or winter wear, depending on your feel and level of comfort this skirt could work for the spring. This maxi skirt style has a modern design cut from smoothened polyester for easy of wear and long lasting style.

12. The Spanish Lace Maxi

Spanish influence maxi skirt style have brought the old world beauty to the modern day girl. This high waist Spanish maxi skirt has a solid midriff but allows an enticing visual leg length. As the full length finishes in Spanish lace design you capture a truly unique look. The long skirt lace fabrication with a tiered hem and peek-a-boo look with minimal lining will bring new beauty to your skirt selections. Made from polyester and viscose blend, it has a soft feel to the touch but won’t feel fragile. Partner this with a lace crop top for a sultry look or a tunic top to lower the temperature on this maxi skirt style. This maxi skirt can be worn from day time all the way out and into the night for the girl on the go. The straight forward intent in design adds an air of capricious and wistful aesthetic though it remains certain elegance to the straight skirt fit.

13. High Class Marled Maxi

The marled knit modern look for 2016 is encapsulated in this maxi skirt.  High waist in designing the length stops at the knee with a pencil skirt design. You’ll love look of this skirt and the cut which generates a tremendous lengthy look.  This one adds verve to any outfit and yet it has an easy-going vibe whether the dress code is reserved or up-scale. The fluid drape length complements the wide elastic waistband which feels comfortable and presents a smooth line. Made from rayon, polyester, spandex blend, it is comfort in style and highlights the perfect take on the marled knit.  Don’t be afraid to strike a pose in this maxi skirt style!  Leaving a truly flattering silhouette for a look that’s sure to put a little spring in your step and there is no substitute for the simple beauty of this skirt. The color of light charcoal grey will match with almost anything and allow for an easy transition to any tank top or silk camisole you have around. With this skirt you’ll love its impressive grace sitting at work and notice all the head that will turn as you walk on by.

14. Navy All the Frills Maxi

Nothing is as fun as fringe and a maxi skirt style for 2016 that is both modern and fluid is this fringe maxi skirt. A funky twist on a closet necessity is created in a soft stretch knit; this maxi skirt style has been creatively crafted with long flowing fringes that are running the length of the skirt. While the fringe is lengthy and extends to your ankle, it couldn’t possibly be easier to walk around in while you enjoy the fantastic motion and visual of this skirt. A 2″ encased elastic waistband makes this skirt ultra-easy to slip on and there is no messy closures to get you hung up. The deep navy color is truly 2016 and gives the modern girl the right aesthetic for any outfit. This skirt exemplifies flexibility in fluid movement. Give it a twirl to really feel it!  Perfect for any time of day, this modern look can be worn as you take an afternoon with the girls or walking into that evening dinner out on the town. With a smooth waist this skirt has a soothing fit that will compliment your waist line and make your legs the center stage. There’s no resisting a look that is both this much fun and so functional.

15. The Classic Thigh Slit Black Maxi

Classic, timeless, and everlasting spring to mind when envisioning this black piece and you wouldn’t be wrong. Regardless of the time of year (or which year for that matter!), this will always be a modern maxi skirt style that is a must have in your closet. The clean lines allow for a variety of body styles and figures complimenting all and leaving no one behind. In a straight skirt slim leg style with a side split it is both elegant and relaxed. Providing the best of both worlds this skirt can be paired with many different options that are probably already in your closet. This skirt allows for simple modern tops and making them elegant but is also chic enough to support the most sophisticated blouse. The simple waist line cuff is brought up a notch with the satin fabric which flows when you move, breaths well and even in this color allows for a cool and relaxing fit. A staple of 2016, this maxi skirt style hits the perfect spot of ease and comfort while the simple design and flawlessly simple color make it the right choice for any occasion.

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