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15 Bryce Harper’s hair styles trending in 2016

15 Bryce Harper’s hair styles trending in 2016

However, in spite of the young lad’s vast significance on the pitches of baseball, he has also gathered fierce recognition outside the pitch. Similar to Beckham, Bryce Harper happens to be a gentleman off the pitch with a distinguished flair for fashion that cannot be blindsided. It could be easily said that Harper contributed a lot to the world of men’s fashion, particularly when it comes to hairstyles and beard formations. Harper is a current leader in men’s fashion because he has the street and social credibility to set a standard of manliness that cares for appearances and puts a good face forward while celebrating youth, vigor, and all around awesomeness.  The young lad has rapidly become a genuine source of inspiration for all of those who are interested in the niche of fashion and hairstyles. Down there, we are going to showcase some of the actual reasons why Bryce Harper’s hair rose to such glory.

Ever heard of David Beckham? Well, if you happen to be a part of Earth’s population then you most likely might have heard of David Beckham. The legendary football player yet remains firmly rooted in his position as a fashion icon for many generations of young males around the world. Paralleling Beckham’s multi-aspect-ed reasons of fame is the young baseball player Bryce Harper, who is right fielder for the Washington Nationals. On the pitch, Harper’s reputation began to rise six years ago when he was the first pick for the Major League Baseball Draft. In 2012, only 19, he was selected to feature in the year’s All-Star game.

1-    Classic Slick back

harpers hair 1

Bryce Harper’s hair is sexy, end of game.  That’s why he’s in a position to showcase a suite of different styles, because with the sexiness of his hair, he’s also experimental.  What does that say about a guy?  Well, a guy who has more than a couple of hairstyles for every occasion has a couple of tricks, do’s and don’ts up his sleeves.  He’s always willing to try new things and likes being seen.  That’s a powerful combination of confidence to send out the gate and something that makes the whole world turn around and notice.  Is that type of confidence available to regular guy?  Yep, and that’s why we’re writing this.  What Bryce does is science, no matter how artistic it is.  There’s a new science to manliness and for the millennial generation swag is not only a daily nutrient, it is formula and a calculated presentation based on solid tips, advice, tricks, and understanding of how to play the game on the field, in the office, in the club, and in the sheets.

Bryce Harper’s hair can easily and comfortably nail the good old slicked hair towards the back style kind of thing. In 2016, Harper has stirred the medium of men’s fashion and hairstyles with a lot of styles, but especially with this one. It has become, such as he has, a genuine source for inspiration to all the males of this generation. When it comes to Bryce Harper’s looks, one might want to consider two things and two things only, Harper’s hair and beard. In a Harper-ised slick back, the hair is styled with much texture and height, giving it the advantage to look good on a formal account, and similarly on a non-formal one. As for the beard, no complications are in the set up. It is simply groomed much short on the sides of the MLB’s player, and having some extra hair at the chin zone, giving it a unique shape that is quite explosive if mixed with such hairstyle. Yes, this is why Bryce Harper’s hair has created this entire buzz around the world.

2-    Slick back’s evolution

harpers hair 2

Most likely, only Bryce Harper’s hair is capable of performing similar stunts. But this does not mean we should not all go out and try what he has to offer. Eventually, the guy’s flair for fashion can come in handy for the rest of us the male population of the world. If you are not going to display it on a baseball pitch, well you still have your girlfriend and your other girlfriends of course. Anyhow, the stunt mentioned here is basically the classical slick back but with much more length on top, so as to correctly imitate the blonde young lad. In Harper’s new version of the slick back, the hair on top is represented with medium length, much longer than the classical one, and of course, undercut sides. This awesome combination was the player’s key to what is now iconic and know as Harper’s hair flip. Well, however, indeed this look takes the slick back to a whole new level of awesomeness and as a result, we are all ought to try it out, and if it works we should all be thanking Bryce Harper’s hair for the portion of awesomeness that it has granted us.

3-    Half a pony and a Garibaldi

harpers hair 3

If you are wondering what does that mean, we are here to explain to you, in detail, everything about Bryce Harper’s hair. In a similar awesome stunt by the lad’s hair, the medium length’ed hair back, in order to pull out the latest trend of buns among the world’s men, the half ponytail. A half ponytail is simply amazing whatever it gets displayed on, so when Harper does it, it is more likely to be extra amazing. So, if you notice, where we’re going here, you’ll see that when you know the styles, what ask the barber for, what to do for yourself, and have a list for when to pull a move then you will be all set.  The half pony and Garibaldi is a move and stunt, and every guy needs some secret moves and in a big show or big club, you need to be able to pull a stunt.  But for a stunt to be effectively, you can’t call attention to the stunt, indeed, the study needs to be business and normal in a way that says, “I wake up like this, do you want to wake up next to me?”  The lad executes the half ponytail with undercuts on the sides, which is absolutely valid since half ponytails work simultaneously with undercuts or long hair all over. And as you have been advised, when examining a hairstyle that is by any means related to Bryce Harper’s hair, one should be considering hair and beard. In this case, the young player also easily seems to be pulling a Garibaldi at the beard zone, with a seemingly wide bottom that contrasts his chin bottom on the short slick back. It is a constant reminder that Bryce Harper’s hair is one of the few things in the world that is capable of pulling such stunts.

So look, everybody knows that girls don’t even pay attention to lines any more.  You got to pack something extra.  If you want to get noticed and to have success, you got to pull a stunt so subtle that she can’t take her eyes off it.  It’s about a mindset and being a magician as well as a good player.  Not all players are equal but if you’re in a situation where you can show good sportsmanship and you know how to play the game, the folks figure that’s how you live your life.  A player can’t help being a player, but girls are hip to games, so a player has to play like it’s about the joy of the job and the job to look good and be seen.  It’s about looks combined with work ethic because looking good, most guys are starting to discover, takes some work and keeping the attention on you takes a little more work.  But the trick and the game has always been and always will be, never let them see you sweat.  So you can’t make a big deal about putting some effort into this and don’t draw attention to the work you put into it, just perfect you moves, get your stunt game on check, a realized life is a stage and really good rock show.

4-    Low skin fade

harpers hair 14

Low skin fade is probably the ultimate hairstyle for men in 2016. It has most likely been tried out by every single guy in the world this year. It is wildly convenient and it can suit you whatever your genes have made you look like. This hairstyle is definitely one of the major trends this year, which is why Bryce Harper’s hair cannot seem to stay out of it. The lad has posted a photo of himself at the barber’s, to prove that he is just like each and every one of us. Celebrities go to salons too, and they deal with people just like we do. Anyway, Harper nails the skin low fade with short thick textured hair on top. On the beard’s frontier, things are kept rather simple with a beard that is generally groomed short, clean and neat.

5-    Styled Slick back

harpers hair 4

We all know what a slick back is, but do we all really know what a styled slick back is? To be informative, a styled slick back is mainly a slick back but with a few modifications here and there. Can you guess who the one who nailed such thing is? Yeah you got it right, it’sBryce Harper’s hair. In this case, the hair is trimmed short on the sides and on the back, but left longer, much longer that is, on the top. The beard, is groomed short as well, to keep the big picture neat and clean, free of any sharp contrasts. A similar style could be worn by any man on the planet on a formal occasion.  It is suitable for semi-formal occasions.  This is the kind of style you want when you have to meet her parents, but know that they’re going to suspect you’re not genuine if you show up looking like her dad.  Instead, this slick back keeps the youthful vibe, but says you know how to play by rules, have a little fun, and live a good life. It is simply just great for human life in general and human life is all about communications behind the scenes.  The way of the hair, manliness, youthfulness, and willingness to play a good game with comrades, friends, family, and people who just flat out like you is about participating in the communications that makes life meaningful, warm, and never lacking a dull moment.

Something you should know about

Before making any decisions into taking up Harper’s hairstyles for life, you should be informed of a little secret of the player that deems him in such a state. Harper, who at this point is indeed one of the dominant figures in the world of baseball, truly believes that his very well styled hair is what makes him so good at the sport. And accordingly, -you might find this convenient- he says he spends from 20 to 30 hours in order to get his hair to perform one of its magic tricks before going into any game. So yes, if you are willing to put that much of an effort in order to pull out something similar to Harper, be our guest. Just put in consideration that it might take you all a bit more than 20 to 30 minutes.  So yeah, it’s normal for guys to spend a little more time and a little more money on their appearance.  The results are clear though:  it doesn’t necessarily equal a soft man.  Instead, it boosts sex appeal and attractiveness, providing an edge of secret manly confidence mixed with some traditional swag and a little cherry on the side that sends a very clear message that you have a very well put together package.

6-    The modified slick with a low fade

harpers hair 6

Remember that thing with the modified slicked back style, now do you also remember the skin low fade thing? Bryce Harper’s hair has literally found a way to manage a combination between those two rock stars. Not only that, the young lad has experimented showcasing this wild combination in black, which obviously is not his natural color. If there is one thing that we could learn from such a stunt, it is that we should indeed perform some similar stunts, what is the worst that could happen. If you are in need to pull out this one, you are going to need to have long hair, if not then wait for it, and go for it.

7-    Another combination

harpers hair 7

Another mix of styles that Bryce Harper’s hair has introduced to the world of fashion and hairstyles is the laid down top mixed with a low fade and a razor design. If you are going to try this, first you will need a really really skillful barber, second of all, and it could be more important than the barber itself, you need to have long hair. Just like the previously mentioned case, if you do not have it, wait for it, then go for it.

8-    Grey hair slicked back, or how to imitate old people

harpers hair 8

When Harper attempted this outrageous stunt, it was quite literally an explosive event on instagram. If you look at, you’d understand why the fuss. The look depends on dying your hair completely grey, obviously. You hair is going to need to be fully slicked back. Preferably, you should be having some hair length on you before trying out a look such as this one; it will give you more sophistication.  This trend is a little subtle, but if you understand it, you will know how to achieve success on the field and in the board room.  This style is the result of collaboration between the old and the young, the millennial and the baby boomer.  Instead of always being at odds, there are some cases where the old and the young communicate and trade secrets, inspiring one another.  For the old, the business personality, sophistication, and style of the boardroom and corporate presentation come naturally.  For the millennial, self-care through careful hygiene and the willing to put the body into action makes a powerful mental dynamic in providing youthful confidence to the sometimes old and dreary, predictable environments of older generations.  Through styling the beautiful grays and silvers, with the young and the fit, a striking combination is achieved that says sophisticated and interesting, well-kept and adorably need, strong, and defined in the world and in the sheets.  That’s the winning combination that puts sex appeal to work and makes a home run nowadays.

9-    Side flip top, featuring undercut sides

harpers hair 9

This hairstyle is definitely one of the most valuable players of this year among men. Basically, you will need medium length hair that should be well textured on the top towards the side. The mechanism will provide you with the most famous hair flip that is wildly desired by many men in the world in 2016.

10-       If you can do the wavy

harpers hair 10

Let us take it from here; if you can indeed pull out a wavy portion of hair on the top, with a medium length that is not quite short, nor very long, you can as well pull out the wavy and flip-up top with the most famous undercut sides. This hairstyle will also give an opportunity at the desired hair flip. Bring out the celebrity within you.

11-       Half-side flip top with undercut sides too

harpers hair 11

One of the many hairstyles that will also provide you with the sensational hair flip is this one. For all the hairstyles that feature hair flips, the position of your beard remains up to your best vision, you can keep a groomed short beard, and you can have it long and sexy. Both ways, beard can nail it. Just make sure that you get that hair flip that you have always wanted.

12-       For the helmet

harpers hair 12

Well, it isn’t supposed by anyone that you have to wear a helmet tomorrow or anytime soon. However, if by any chance you get an opportunity to wear one, be thankful that Bryce Harper’s hair was kind enough to give a hairstyle fit for a helmet. Some guys might be wearing hats, so taking some tips from Bryce Harper’s hair might save some embarrassing encounters.  Right now, being able to style hair effectively is hip.  Caring about your appearance with good hygiene shows sensitivity, fashion sense, but also shows that you know how to play ball.  The idea is a combination and mixture of best elements.  That’s why Bryce Harper is the perfect example for the modern man to merge all of these traits but maintain the composure of manhood that says he can go as hard on the field as he can in the sheets, and her cares about himself, which means that females get the chance to look good too.  In the new millennium, being power couples and looking good together is what is end, rather than the rough and rugged sensibilities of the past.  All what you need to do is to have thick top and medium cut sides and back. This will give you certain thickness, which is the parallel think of psychological composure really.

13-       Half-slicked/Undercut sides

harpers hair 13

A combination like that can be quite explosive; remember how Bryce Harper’s hair can easily perform such stunts and tricks. This look however is taken by Harper usually off the pitch. If you look at it, it is not quite practical to fit within a helmet or to run with. Pull it out, then go and try impressing some girls at some club. This is how this look should be used. Anyway, for this look, a thick beard is not a form of obligation but it is rather preferable. You cannot be ultra-sexy on top and otherwise anywhere else.

So there you go, a showcase of Harper’s most brilliantly sculptured hairstyles. With such hairstyles, Harper dominated the world of baseball, what can you do with them?

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