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Every woman should Look Gorgeous with these Elegant Maxi handbags

 A maxi handbag or purse is something which is quite a fashion product is keenly carried by ladies all over the world. These are used to keep necessary personal items like money, cards, make up equipment etc. the size of purse or hand bag may varies from small to large depending on the use and latest trend. But generally when we talk about ‘maxi hand bags’, we mean hand bags with big size that are mostly carried by working women while going on their jobs. Besides this the maxi handbag are a fashion symbol because elegant ladies love to carry a maxi hand bag matching with their outfit to look more glamorous.

Features of a Maxi Hand bag

There is a vast variety in the collection of maxi handbags. This variety differs from each other in terms of material, size, color and the style. Some handbags are made with very soft material like cloth, fur or they may be made up of pure leather, Rexene or patent leather. In order to talk more about these maxi hand bags let us go through the complete description given below.

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Mini VS Maxi Handbags: Which One is More Perfect?

Though both mini as well as the maxi bags have their own benefits in terms of usage and styling but if we put a deep glance we can easily differentiate between the particular features of both type. With a mini handbag we can feel light as they carry less weight and you will not be burdened by extra weight or pain in your back due to heavy carry bags. But on the other side, no one can deny the capacity that a maxi bag holds. With small bags you can keep only a few items with you while a maxi bag can easily carry all the essential items you can need during your long hours job. Maxi bags are considered as the best option for the active working ladies.

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Moreover, the variety of color and material can make your choice of selecting the handbag easier. Now we are going to give you a buyer guide which will suggest you the ways how to select the best kind of maxi hand bag for you.

The Best Buying Guide for Maxi Handbag Lovers

Form big to small, dull to shiny, heavy to light stuff handbags there is a large variety in maxi handbags. The need of the day is that a woman should know the right kind of bag which suits her. For a better choice go through the following points and enjoy the perfect shopping with our guidelines.

  • If you want to spend a whole day outside your place, you need a capacious bag like maxi handbag where you can even put a pair of your shoe as well.
  • For the heighted woman with a slender body we will suggest a soft maxi handbag made up of delicate material and a fine silhouette to match your body shape.
  • If you are a successful business woman and travel quite often then choosing a more spacious, messenger maxi bag will be the right choice. These are the bags where you can put your office documents and other notebooks and pen easily.
  • For the women with an enough chubby physique, an elongated rectangular shaped maxi handbag will be the most perfect option.
  • As far as colors are concerned, it is advised that try to purchase neutral toned maxi handbags which can match any colored outfit.
  • Though maxi handbags are not much suitable for the evening dresses and parties, however we will suggest you that a maxi handbag with a little fancy touch will go the best. Any maxi handbag with neon colors and a bit of silvers or gems will perfectly match the evening romantic dinner or kitty party.
  • In case you want to carry all necessary items but avoid the traditional maxi handbags then choosing a ‘maxi clutch’ should be the first priority. You can carry these maxi hand clutches with small as well as long straps. In addition to this, you can even carry these maxi clutches by hand or under arm.
  • Last but not the least, we will suggest that only choosing the handbag never makes a perfect outfit. You must choice the bag in accordance with your dress style and color. For example, we can say that selecting a green polka dot maxi handbag with red shoes will make you a fun to watch. So, if you are going to wear a dark colored shoes then always select a lighter shade maxi handbag while you dress color should also be nearer to your shoes color.

Different Styles in Hand-made Maxi Handbags


Reasons to Carry a Maxi Handbag

Handbags will always remain the most popular fashion item for ladies that is why daily new and stylish trends are being introduced in the market. A large number of popular brands have started putting their part in the introduction of latest trends in this category. There are multiple reasons that a woman should carry a maxi handbag. Let us discuss a few of them here.

  1. Day by Day Increasing Prices

As the interest of women in carrying a maxi handbag is increasing with each passing day, the prices of these maxi bags will eventually go up. Women have turned more practical and instead of choosing small clutches all the way long they prefer to keep a maxi handbag with them. This increase in demand ultimately rises the price of these handbags. So, it is suggested that you should buy a perfect maxi handbag for you before the prices reaches the sky.


  1. Delicacy VS Practicality

No doubt small sized clutches are capturing a huge market share because of their elegant and delicate style. But woman with practical approach have finally given their likeness vote to maxi handbag. The general prospect of women regarding carrying handbags is that now they have started realizing that practicality is far much better than style and delicacy. In addition to all this famous brands have also started making innovations in this fashion item. Latest designing has made the selection more comfortable.


  1. Designer’s Inspiration

Keeping in view the intense liking of women towards maxi handbags the most popular brands have started introducing new ideas in this fashion accessory. Some of the popular brands that are initiating in creating innovations in maxi handbags are as under,


  • Marc Jacobs
  • Chanel Cage
  • Gucci
  • Michael Kors and many more


  1. The Best Material Used

It has been seen that well renowned companies have been manufacturing these maxi bags with high quality supreme leather like caviar leather. The handbags made with this neutral leather are much durable and lasts long. So, if you are investing a bit more in buying a maxi handbag remain sure that you are never spending your money on a worthless thing. These branded maxi handbags are the best choice ant lady may make.


  1. The Widest Range of Variety

The fashion freak women who just prefer maxi handbags over other small or big sized handbags have made the manufacturers to compete the race of introducing modern and latest versions in these handbags. If you have a recent market search history, you will rather find that as compared to clutches and ordinary bags the variety range in maxi handbags is more than enough vast and there is always a perfect maxi handbag available for you to match your overall outfit and mood.


The Perfect Outfit to Suit a Maxi Handbag

Maxi handbags are a complete package in themselves. They are your companion for the whole day and can carry a wide collection of personal necessity items in them. A maxi handbag is practical enough to hold items like a sun block cream to a smart tablet itself.  Let us assume that you have finally purchased a maxi handbag now the query arises that what kind of shoes or dressing will complement this maxi bag.

Here we are going to represent a simple yet useful outfit guide to counterpart your maxi handbag.

Summer Outfit with Maxi bags

During the summer season when coolness is the only thing that matters, an elegant maxi bag will be all that matters. You can easily keep a sun block, tissue pouch or even makeup items inside them. For summers it is suggested that light colored dresses should be wore with contrasting colored maxi handbags. Whether you are wearing a simple trouser shirt summer suit or a formal one never forget to keep your sun glasses, lipsticks and other small accessories inside your maxi handbag.

During Working Hours

The working women usually prefer wearing simple outfits during their job hours. Maxi handbags with neutral tones is the best thing to carry. You can also wear these bags in stunning colors .if you are going for a job interview, do not forget to keep all your files and necessary testimonials inside your maxi handbag. Wearing delicate jewelry on a formal simple suit will be the best outfit if accompanied by a contrasting color handbag.


Your Postures Says it All

Carrying a maxi handbag while going outside for work or any other function party reflects a lot about your personality. It is not like that it does not matter how you carry a bag because the highly experienced body language experts expressed that this minor carrying style says a lot about your personality. Let us elaborate here some of the theories approved by the psychological experts.

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  • Wearing Maxi bag on One Shoulder

Some ladies have a habit of wearing their maxi bags on one of their shoulder and keeping them close to their body. This kind of woman are the freedom lovers and want to get things done as soon as possible. They are the active kind of woman and they love to spend more to buy the right kind of handbags to represent their personality well.


  • Wearing Bag on One Shoulder with Bag Swinging Freely

This way of carrying maxi handbag reveals that this woman loves to live in ease and prefer functionality over display. These ladies always strive for the perfect kind of handbag no matter how much they cost.

maxi handbag 4



  • A Cross-Body Wearing Style with Bag in Front of Body

The girls wearing handbags with this front style are considered as the most cautious personality. A girl with a shy attitude towards others and a more of a defensive personality because this slightly downward gazed posture is what that all means.


  • Wearing Cross-body Maxi Handbag with Bag Behind the Body

This kind of carrying handbags shows that the carrier of the bag is a quite confident personality who is capable of achieving his goals easily. This relates to an independent, self-groomed, self-made personality. Some of the world’s famous celebs like Taylor Swift are found wearing their maxi handbags in this style.

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  • Carrying a Maxi Handbag in Crook of Elbow

Usually ladies belonging to elite class are found holding their maxi handbags iSn the crook of their elbow. This carrying style clearly demonstrate that the holder of this bag is a status conscious and position oriented lady. Through this way of holding bags you can easily exhibit the brand you are wearing regarding your bag. The brand conscious women usually opt to move with this elegant style of carrying bag.


  • Holding Maxi Handbag in One of the Hand

If you find a lady moving with her handbag held downwards in her hand, you should immediately come to the conclusion that this lady is presenting herself as more than what she actually is. Ladies carrying handbags with this style represent themselves as a fake image superiority


maxi handbag 6


Different Styles and Designs in Maxi Handbags

There is a huge variety in the collection of maxi handbags. The difference in material may lead to a change in the costs but all of them are the best one to select any one that matches your outfit.


maxi handbag 7


This elegant maxi handbag is the perfect choice for ladies of every age. The durable material quality will help you to keep your whole accessory wardrobe inside it. The specific features of this handbag are as under,

  • It is made with Faux leather so durability is a must.
  • Made with a general size of 18Lx10 H x6D
  • Attributed with detachable straps
  • Handles length equals to 6.6 inches
  • Made with proper three different zipper pockets. One at the interior side, second on the front face and a small zipper on the inside flap.
  • Not supported with buttons only zip closures are available.
  • Can be found in a single gold shade of hardware while a variety of color is available for the outer appearance.




maxi handbag 8

Just look at the chic style of this stylish maxi handbag. The glossy finish make it an ideal kind of bag for fashionable ladies. This funky style maxi handbag has the following features.

  • Material used for this chic bag is saffiano which is commonly called as textured faux leather.
  • It has rounded top handles and supported with a safety lock on the top with a invisible key in the luggage tag makes this style more fabulous.
  • The final measurement of shoulder drop strap os 5 inches
  • Detachable shoulder straps
  • Supported with three zipper pockets of different size on three different sides
  • Above open zip enclosure
  • Inner hardware is made with golden shade.
  • The final size of this maxi bag is 13L X11 H X 5.5D.
  • Available in a variety of attractive glossy shades





maxi handbag 9


No one can deny the grace of black color and if this color comes in the form of a stylish maxi handbag then it can be a great treat for fashion lover ladies. The chain style of this maxi handbag adds a touch of glamour to your personality. The features of this maxi handbags are as under,

  • Material used is faux leather
  • Rounded style top handles
  • Removable shoulder straps
  • Supported with two pockets one on the front and second zipper pocket on the interior side
  • Zipper closure style
  • With light golden interior hardware
  • Available in different shocking colors.





maxi handbag 10


This simple yet elegant style maxi handbag will add a flair of decency to your general outfit. This sleek style bag though looks small and compact in capacity but in reality it is quite practical in use. Following are the features of this maxi handbag.

  • Material used is faux leather
  • Size : 18L X 12 H X 6D
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Two zipper pockets
  • Drop strap measurement is 7 inches
  • Available in some dark shades.


Derek Maxi Handbags

This exotic funky looking maxi handbag has a unique style with fold over front and a slip opening. The main specialty of this handbag is its outer texture which resembles a lot to embossed snake or crocodile skin with black, grey or burgundy color. The dynamic features of this maxi handbag are as under,

  • Faux leather finish
  • 5 L X 10 H X 6D are the ideal dimensions of this bag
  • The hardware color of this bag is silver
  • Same zipper closure style
  • Attributed with three zipper pockets
  • Dropped shoulder style for hanging
  • Shoulder drop length is 6 inches


maxi handbag 11






RAY Maxi Handbag

maxi handbag 12

This is one of the most popular maxi handbag style as demanded by ladies all over the world. The material used to make this handbag is pure leather so the cost will e ultimately a bit higher as compared to other maxi handbags. This eye catchy chic design maxi handbag resembles much like a boxy style. The special features of this bag are as under.

  • Pure Leather guaranteed
  • With a size of 15L X 9 H X 6D.
  • Same gold hardware interior
  • Supported with one zip pocket and three interior zipper pockets
  • The opening style is quite different as it is opened through a snap however zip is also provide to ensure the safety of the items carried inside.
  • Imported stuff used throughout both in interior body and exterior outlook as well.


 Popular Designers Maxi Handbag a Woman should Own

  • Louis Vuitton Speedy Maxi Handbags

This is usually known as a starter bag which is used by many of the working women. Being sophisticated in its colors and styling, the self -printed texture of this maxi handbag is much appreciated by women from all fields of life. This bag is available in four different sizes to match your needs.  The material used to make this handbag is usually denim, leather and Rexene.


  • Louis Vuitton Never full Handbag

This style was first time introduced in 2007 and since then it is highly appreciated by the women who travel a lot and who have to stay out of their homes quite often. As the capacity of these bags is quite spacious so it is much preferred to be taken while travelling.


  • Chanel Flap Bag

This is another kind of handbag which can be easily carried on the shoulders. It is manufactured in different colors and shapes as well. The price of this kind of handbag is quite expensive because of the brand name working behind it. This design was made after getting inspiration from the 1920’s military satchels. The Chanel Flap bag is also famous by the name of Classic Channel bag and should be used by every women who loves style and glamour.

Though a maxi handbag is considered as a necessary usage item but nowadays women keep it to enhance the overall glare of their personality. Many popular brands have started to put their share in introducing latest trends and innovations in this kind of handbags. Ladies of every age find it a pride to get prepared for different hangouts carrying these elegant maxi handbags.

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