Maxi is a dress that goes on with all sorts of occasions and events irrespective of the theme and trend because ‘maxis’ apparently remain in trend for all the seasons. Basically, maxis comprise of a loose or a tight fitted dress that extends up to the ankles or floor. Maxis come in all designs and trends from a strapless one to a long sleeved one, from a velvet maxi to a chiffon one, one with floral prints to the one with rather darker and richer shades, in short maxis are in fashion all the year and are quite versatile in their use. Now, since maxis come in all shades, prints and designs; it is important that one knows exactly the type of maxi that is needed to be bought. For this purpose, various points have to be kept under consideration before buying the perfect maxi dress for your wardrobe, such as; your body type, the season, the recent fashion designs in store, your budget and the event for which you are buying the maxi. In addition to this there are many maxi stores in the market from where one can buy the perfect maxi, also online shopping is an option for buying maxis nowadays, therefore it is important to consider certain points (as mentioned above) before buying your maxi. Some of the tips and points to consider are mentioned as under;



The first step or point to be noted before beginning shopping is to analyze your body type and to make a small research as to which type and design of dress would best suit you, as each woman has a different body as well as a personality, maxis are also different for different women. Given below is an account for women to buy the perfect maxi;

  1. Full framed bodies; women with such a figure can enjoy the liberty of wearing all sorts of maxis due to their naturally flawless curves and cuts. Such women should opt for maxis that are tight fitted or have a slight flare at the waist and should avoid skinny straps and maxis with sequins. Thus, women with curvy bodies should keep in mind these details before buying a maxi.
  2. Pear shaped bodies; the points to be kept in mind by women having slightly larger hips, is to opt for a maxi that withdraws the attention from the hips and gathers it more towards the torso. Maxis with more detailing on the bodice will do just the trick. Also buying maxis with a lighter colored bodice and a darker flare may help cut out the perfect figure.
  3. Athletic frames; now, for women with slightly boyish frames and having a smaller bust, should buy a maxi that has a column style and spaghetti strap can also help carving a willowy figure.
  4. Women with busty frames; the thing for busty frames is that, that such bodies are naturally suited for maxis especially the ones with a deep v-neck or a deeper neckline. This tends to show off the collar bone more, thus, providing natural beauty. Also while buying the perfect maxi dress, such figured women should look for a maxi that is rather flatter and has cap sleeves instead of being strapless or having thin straps.


Keeping in mind the above enumerated points before buying a maxi dress, is of tremendous importance because always such a maxi should be bought that tends to complement the natural cuts and curves instead of suppressing it.


Moving on further, while buying the perfect maxi dress there are many other factors to be kept under consideration, one of them being the design which one tends to opt for. Now, the design and style of the maxi is primarily determined depending upon the occasion, the season, the body shape and the budget. Maxi dresses are quite versatile when it comes to the design and the print. Generally, winters bring along with them darker and richer shades such as; black, grey, gold, dark maroon, royal blue and green while in summers, lighter colors and floral prints are mostly in fashion and in trend within the market. For women with petite structure, maxis with microprints are best suited whereas woman that have a curvy and a fully fledged body should opt for maxis that have richer shades and have vertical stripes instead of horizontal stripes, because they cause the body to seem more broad. Depending upon the design required one can easily buy the best maxi. Further below is given an account about the various designs which one should keep in mind before buying the perfect maxi dress;


  1. Maxi with a-lined flare, such maxis are best when shopping for every day monotonous routine because they are simple and delicate in style and design. Plus, they also add a class due to the slight flare. Mostly these maxis come in satin and stiff silk. Flares have always been an important element of maxis and that is way a-lined silk maxis have always remained in fashion.
  2. Vintage maxis; mostly women look for a classy yet trendy styled maxi, the best option for such a case is a vintage maxi which were more common in the flea markets in the 90’s. Vintage maxis mostly come with a floral print along with sharply contrasting dark and bright shades. Vintage maxis are regal and are to some extend evergreen in their use, women can wear it to a formal event looking absolutely regal or may use it for casual use and carve a trendy outlook.


  1. Silk maxis; while looking to buy the most ideal maxi for summers, silk maxis do the trick. They are trendy, catchy, come in different vibrant shades of silk and are easy to carry whether for a formal or an informal event. Silk maxis are suited not only for summers but also for winters when paired up with some boots and a flashy jacket or a sweater.


  1. Tight fitted sweater maxis; for formal winter events, a sweater maxi is the best thing you could shop for. Not only is it classy and regal in an outlook but also warm and comfortable for the harsh winter days. Before buying a maxi for formal winter events, such sweater maxis should be a top priority.
  2. Draped and trimmed maxi dresses; for summers the best maxi dress to be bought would be a draped maxi with a slight tight fitting around the waist and also the maxi could be slightly trimmed. Summer maxi dresses are mostly sleeveless or may have a spaghetti strap or a short sleeve, depending upon the need be and the event.




Each season may it be winter, summer, autumn or spring, has a different kind of fashion taste to it. In accordance to this fact, different designs of maxis go along with different seasons and have a different touch to their color, patterns, design, styling and fabric. Before buying the perfect maxi dress for your day or event, it is important to keep under consideration the fashion limitations of the specific season pertaining at that time. For example,

  1. Summers; in the sweaty yet pleasant summers, people mostly opt for shades that are brighter and are less heat absorbent and more insulating. Colors such as bright and vibrant yellows, green, shades of pink, orange, blues and all sorts of catchy shades are the deal for a gorgeous looking summer maxi. Before buying a maxi dress in summers, it is important to note the fabric of the maxi dress, mostly chiffon and light silk maxi dresses are the top most option. Cotton maxis can also be bought. Mostly in the scorching heat of summers, women look for dresses that are rather airy and give a freshening feel, for such a feel, opt for maxi dresses that have a lesser volume and are rather loose in fitting instead of being tight. Maxis with deep necklines or straight both can be used. Floral prints are comparatively more common in summers.


  1. Winters; winters are more about being warm and cozy, therefore, while shopping for maxi you need to look for the ones which are made of silk, velvet, or may be knitted and cotton maxis can also be used. Winter maxis come in darker and richer shades instead of being bright and vibrant. Colors such as black, grey, maroon, golden, royal blue or dark green are the perfect match for a winter maxi. Winter maxis are also different in design and style than summer maxi, thus, you need to keep an eye out for them while buying maxis. Maxis that are warmer and tend to insulate heat are best. For winters the most common and trendy designs include; tight fitted, knitted, cap sleeved or long sleeved, jumpsuit type or sweater maxis. Keeping in view these points one can buy the ideal maxi for their needs.


  1. Spring and autumn; for these two seasons, the variety of maxis is somewhat similar to those of summers and winters respectively. Although these seasons are quite short-lived but they are of equal importance while choosing a maxi.

Keeping in view the above mentioned seasonal points, women can make the ideal choice for their maxi dresses. Now, seasons also greatly affect the choice of print for the maxi because I different weathers designers opt for different prints and the fashion trend changes. Not only the prints are affected but also the color schemes are greatly affected too. Given below are further details which are to be considered in this regard;


Also, while buying a maxi dress one has to keep in mind the type of print to be bought. Although, the print primarily depends upon the body shape and season, it is important to keep under consideration the pattern of the maxi dress since it helps in further modifying the body cuts and curvatures to their utmost beauty and also help suppress any unwanted effects. Mostly the generalized concept about prints is that, large prints and horizontal stripes tend to increase the volume of the body while smaller prints and vertical stripes tend to diminish the body volume and add more to the length of the body. Further details about the type of maxi to be bought according to the print are given below;


  1. In proportion to wider hips; for when the hips are more broad as compared to the busts, women need to buy maxi dresses that have a flare with a smaller print such as small polka dots and can contrast it with a vibrant bodice or with horizontal stripes.
  2. In proportion to larger busts; for the issue of comparatively larger busts, women can opt for a maxi that tend to add more volume to the hips and thus, this will add more proportion to the body. Buy maxis that have a more brightly colored flare and a contrastingly darker bodice. Smaller prints such as small florals or polka can also do the trick of decreasing the upper body volume and adding more to the hips.
  3. Taller and willowy figures; women that are taller and have a lean figure, need a print that adds more volume to the body, therefore, they can buy maxis that have horizontal stripes or large floral prints. Oversized gingham patterns are also preferable for willowy figures. Women, who still prefer to wear smaller prints, can wear them on but they should opt for maxis that have darker colors with smaller prints.
  4. For petite bodies; women with a smaller body frame and petite figures should buy maxis that lessen the volume and add more to the length to the body. Opt for maxis with vertical stripes and smaller prints. Prefer maxis that have thinner stripes thus, providing maximum decrease in volume and more length.


Thus, observing the body shape and print of the maxi, women can buy the best suited maxi without any flaws to their judgment. Maxis come in various prints but it is important to contrast the prints with your body because otherwise, you will end up buying the wrong maxi and would have to exchange it again.


Another important aspect to be kept under consideration while buying a maxi, are the accessories along with the maxi. Since, maxis may be strapped or sleeveless or strapless, it is important to keep in mind the under garments and the accessories along with the maxi while opting for one. Now, for everyday use accessories are not that important and are quite less comparatively but for a formal event, the consideration of the accessories is an important one. Since, maxi dresses are already quite embellished and heavily designs, it is important to use lesser accessories. For shoes, one can go for simple flats or strappy ones, or can opt for boots and ankle shoes for a casual and everyday outlook. Therefore, while buying a maxi, accessorizing in accordance is of quite magnitude.

All the above mentioned facts and tips are important bullets for buying maxis but in addition to these points, it also depends whether the maxis are bought online or from a local retailer or a brand. Since the age is of modern technology and women mostly are too busy or tend to procrastinate things, for this purpose online shopping is quite in nowadays but although online shopping is easy and more time saving, it does not guarantee you a quality, therefore, people also tend to prefer local retailer, stores and markets. Refer to the general tips below for this purpose;

    When buying your maxi from a local retailer, or form the market or from a nearby shop, there are many tips to be kept in mind. The key to buying the best maxi is searching several retailers instead of buying from the first one because there may be a difference of price and fabric quality. Try the maxi on before buying it. Know your measurements while buying a maxi and male sure that the maxi is not too long that you trip over it. Try the maxi on in a bright light, so as to know the exact shade of the maxi and not confusing it. Also, after finalizing a particular maxi, ask for a fresh piece and look for any defects if there are any. While opting for a maxi also keep in mind all the other accessories that have to be paired up with your maxi and then buy the maxi. In addition to this, look for maxis that may be either monotone or in matching colors instead of buying the one which is in a mix of more than one color.

The old days of buying maxis from a specific retailer in town are long gone. People now have a whole range of diversity before them. Online shopping allows women to buy designs that are not locally available or replicas for maxis that are limited to a specific brand and are not affordable, are also available in a wide range. Although there are many perks of shopping online but there are also many drawbacks. While buying a maxi online, the points to be noted include; check the refund and exchange policy. Mostly the maxis that are bought online have poor quality or may have certain defects; in order to avoid that make sure the particular concerned site has a refund and exchange policy. Another important thing to be noted is to know your exact measurements while buying an online maxi because you can obviously not try it on, therefore it is important to know your exact measurements to buy a maxi that fit s you accurately.


Finally, while buying a maxi dress one needs to keep in view the budget. No need to waste time on dresses you cannot afford and skip directly to the maxi dresses which are within your price range. For formal events, you can buy expensive velvet and knitted maxis, or maxis with stone work and other embellishments, such maxis would cost $300-$1000 at the most. For every day routine and random use, you can buy maxis within a price range of $50-$200. Now, this is not an exact limitation, and one may buy as the please, but majority of the general public tend to opt for dresses that are economical and easy on the wallet and they also desire to have maximum quality in a minimum range. To buy such a dress with minimum cost and maximum quality, you again need to research more than one store. Sometimes, there are certain dresses that are defected or have a fault of some sort, women can buy these dresses since they would be of a lesser price and can later on correct the defects.


Details to be considered while buying the accurate and ideal maxi dress that fits you perfectly and cuts out a gorgeous look, all at the same is one difficult task. The things to be considered are too many and sometimes women get overwhelmed while opting for the best maxi and dress and thus, consequently end up buying the wrong maxi dress. It may be helpful to by maxi dresses slowly by not rushing it and considering and weighing out all your options. First know your body shape, do a little research about it and know the designs, styles and patterns that best suit your body shape or figure. Next, choose a maxi in accordance with the function and while you consider the event also, consider along with it budget and your price range. The locality of your home and the season mostly prevailing is also significant while buying the ideal maxi. Lastly, weighing out all these considerations choose a maxi and stick with, ensure the exchange and refund policy and buy it.

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