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9 yoga pants styles every modern woman must experiment

Yoga pants are flexible, form-fitting pants that are very stretchable. They are made of different fibers including natural and synthetic ones. The basic feature of all yoga pants is that they are comfortable to wear and easy to move around in. As a result, they can easily be worn not only to yoga but also if you are planning on any sort of exercise.

Yoga is a form of meditation and exercise which includes different breathing exercises and postures and is meant to help attain perfect health and well-being.

There are tons of exercise routines out there. Still, yoga is extremely famous and very widely practiced. This is because yoga is good for both mental and physical health. Yoga is based on the belief that for our fulfillment and health, we need to focus on our being. It strives to attain peace from within, and is designed in such a way that it relaxes the mind, spirit and body. By focusing on ourselves and our breathing, we can have heightened sense of self, and this is what yoga is all about.

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Yoga is an ages old practice, and it has prevailed over the years because it is so effective. Not only can it be used to lose weight; it also helps in achieving the perfect balance in life as far as health is concerned.


What do You Need for Yoga?

Yoga is more than just a set of exercises; it includes meditation, reflection and breathing exercises. If you have decided that yoga is great and you must start practicing it, what do you need?

For starters, you definitely need a yoga mat, on which you will perform yoga. Then, as with anything, you need proper attire. Sure, there is nothing quite wrong with wearing an old sweatshirt and trousers for regular exercise, but if you want to do yoga, it is best to invest in some good quality yoga pants. It might seem like an excess but it is something that will be really useful to you, not to mention it will help get you in the mood.


What are Yoga Pants?

Sure, we all know what pants are, but what are yoga pants and how are they any different from regular ones?


What are Yoga Pants Made Up of?

These pants are made of different combinations of cotton, spandex, nylon, polyester and wool. Different pants may contain different compositions, all aiming towards pants that are flexible and form-fitting.

Types of Yoga Pants:

There are hundreds of varieties of yoga pants in the market. There are various types of yoga pants that are differentiated on the basis of their style. A few most common and well-known types are mentioned below:

  • Boot-Cut Pants:

These are perhaps the most common and favorite style of yoga pants. These pants are form-fitting till the legs, after which they flare out a little. As a result, the bottom of the pants is not hugging the legs. These pants look stylish and hence can be worn out in the street. This means that you can head out after yoga without having to change your pants.

As they look stylish, they are great for a casual walk outside. You can also put these on if you are simply heading to the grocery store.

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  • Capris:

Capris are pants that reach up to mid-calf length. These pants are the yoga pants of choice for the hot summer months. Also, you can wear them to Bikram yoga, also known as “hot yoga”, as you really need to be comfortable during this yoga.

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  • Leggings:

Leggings are great because they are form-fitting as well as flexible. Yoga leggings should be chosen because they allow you to focus on your body and see each movement with clarity. Your instructor can also see how you are moving and thus guide you. Not to mention that yoga leggings look great and stylish.

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  • Fold-Over Yoga Pants:

These are yoga pants that have a fold-over waistband. This can be folded so it lies over the hips. These pants provide a flattering look as they make the hips appear slimmer. This is why these pants can also be worn outside.

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These are just some of the types. Yoga pants also come in looser varieties, which allow people to perform yoga in comfort and also allows better breathability. These pants are also not quite so body-conscious and hence can be worn by a lot of people who do not want to wear body fitting clothes.


Where Can Yoga Pants be worn?


It is obvious that yoga pants are worn to yoga. However, these pants can be worn to a lot more than just that. In fact, yoga pants can be worn to all sorts of exercises. If you want to work out, these pants are an excellent choice. They will let you move about with ease and comfort. Their flexibility makes them ideal for all types of exercise.

Yoga pants can also be worn to other activities that need you to be flexible, for example aerobics and dance.

Casual Attire:

Nowadays, with tons of yoga pants available, catering to all sizes, you can even wear yoga pants when you are not exercising. There are hundreds of beautiful pants out there; patterned, simple, stylish, flare-bottomed etc., that you are bound to come across something you like. As these yoga pants look quite good, they can be worn when you are heading out. While a lot of people don’t think that yoga pants should be worn in public, the truth is that if your pants are stylish enough, why not? If you can head straight from your yoga mat to a lunch date with friends, why shouldn’t you go for it?

It is best not to wear them to formal occasions but for all sorts of casual ones, yoga pants work great. For example, if you are going for a walk in the park, or just heading to the grocery store, you can wear yoga pants and you will look smart and casual. They can also be worn while lounging around the house.

Maternity Clothes:

Pregnant women sometimes like wearing yoga pants of a looser variety. This is because these pants allow for easy breathability as well as comfort. As women’s’ bodies change throughout pregnancy, yoga pants are a good choice as they are stretchable and flexible. They also look flattering.

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For Providing Warmth:

People may sometimes wear yoga pants to keep warm. For example, they can be worn instead of leggings in winters. Doctors may wear them under their scrubs to keep themselves warm while still maintaining full mobility.

As Sports Wear:

As yoga pants absorb sweat and allow perfect mobility, they can be worn during sports.


How Should You Choose Your Yoga Pants?

So you are relay into yoga and have decided to get yourself a pair of yoga pants; how do you decide which one to go for? With thousands of varieties out there, with different styles, colors and patterns, which one should you choose and why?

If you are going to buy yoga pants, we will help you decide how to choose one.

Why are You Buying Yoga Pants?

Before actually purchasing the pants, make sure you know why you are buying them. Do you want them for yoga or for dance lessons? What kind of yoga will you be practicing? Do you want to do Bikram yoga or will you be focusing more on breathing exercises and meditation?

All these questions will help determine which yoga pants are right for you.

  • Yoga leggings work best if you want to go for routines that require a great deal of flexibility, like dancing or tough yoga exercises. Spandex present in yoga pants make them flexible; so if flexibility is the issue, buy pants with a high concentration of spandex in its fabric.
  • For hot yoga, choosing yoga capris is a good idea. Also make sure that the yoga pants you are buying are very absorbent and thus will absorb your sweat. Hot yoga results in a great deal of sweating so buying pants with absorbing wick property is essential.
  • If you want to buy yoga pants that also double as casual wear, choose one in a nice color and with some design or pattern. Nowadays, yoga pants with zipped pockets are also available for a stylish look.
  • If meditation is more your style, choose pants that are relaxing, comfortable and a little loose fitting. They will allow you better breathability and let you meditate in comfort.
  • If you just want to wear yoga pants during your regular workout session which involves the upper body more, choose loose fitting cotton ones that will make you feel comfortable.
  • For running or jogging, form-fitting yoga pants made of synthetic fibers are a good choice. This is because, for one thing, they will be flexible and let you run with ease. For another thing, such pants offer great breathability and hence will prevent your lower body from getting overheated.


Yoga Pants Style:

Once you know what purpose your pants will serve, decide on a style. This can be a matter of personal preference. Boot-leg type pants are the most famous and are commonly worn by people doing yoga. It is the standard style that does not have any glaring negative points.

However, if you want pants that are more form-fitting, go for yoga leggings. They look quite smart and will let you focus on your body’s exact movements.

You can pick yoga pants you like and then see how well they serve your purpose. If you don’t like them, you can always go for a different style later on. Also, try on different styles and see which one you like best. Yes, yoga pants are all about practicality but that does not mean they cannot look good!


You need to decide what should be the length of your yoga pants. Capris look smart while keeping you cool at the same time, so they are an obvious choice for many people doing yoga. If you want full leg coverage, you should choose full-length yoga pants.

When buying capris, make sure they are very stretchable otherwise they will feel too tight on your thighs. Never opt for yoga pants that are even a little too long for you. They will not only look terrible, they will also feel very uncomfortable while you are doing yoga. Pants that bunch at the ankles can hinder your exercise routine.


Always choose yoga pants that fit you well and are not too tight. People may advice you to buy pants that are a little tight as they tend to become stretched and hence loosen over time. Do not heed this advice. By the time yoga pants are stretched and have loosened, they will be old and faded enough that they will have to be replaced anyway,

Therefore, go for yoga pants that are neither too tight nor too loose, rather fit you well. Yoga pants that are too loose are also not a good idea, particularly if you are going to be performing lots of exercises.

Select Your Waist Type:

When you try on yoga pants before buying them, make sure you pay attention to how comfortable the waist is. You want a waist that is elastic enough that it allows you to bend and perform all sorts of exercises without feeling strain on your waistline.

Waists can have elastic or drawstring. Drawstring ones can prove to be uncomfortable but have the advantage that you can adjust the tightness of the waist. Elastic waists are more comfortable and are also more convenient to wear. However the disadvantage here is that you cannot loosen the pants if you want.

The best idea is to try on the pants and see how you like the waist. It is not a bad idea to try a few postures in your yoga pants and see how comfortable they are, before you buy them.


Yoga pants do not usually have pockets. However, if you want to wear these pants to places other than just yoga, you should get pants with pockets. This is because you can put your essential belongings like ID card or mobile phone in these pockets. Getting pants with pockets is also a great idea if you are doing some outdoors activity like biking or running.

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Choose Your Yoga Pants Color:

The importance of color and design cannot be overstated. Yes, these pants are meant to be functional and practical but that does not mean that they cannot be beautiful. Color is a matter of personal choice, so choose pants that look good to you. However, when picking a color, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

  • Black color is always a good choice for several reasons. It is always classy and looks good in all situations and It is also a good option for exercising as well as hot yoga because it can serve to hide sweat stains. It goes with tops of all colors, so you know you will not have a wardrobe malfunction with this color.
  • Having yoga pants of two or three basic colors will ensure that you have different options, and so you can vary your look.
  • If you are buying more than one yoga pants, go for solid colors like blue, black and grey. You can also choose brighter colors like red or yellow but make sure they go with your top.


Latest Yoga Pants Designs:

As the demand for yoga pants increased, so did their varieties and designs. Today, if you go to the market to purchase a yoga pant, you will be amazed at the wide array of pants on display. You can find everything, from dark, solid black to pants in multicolor patches.

People like wearing yoga pants and they are always high in demand. It was inevitable, therefore, that sooner or later designers would start coming up with pants that are not only useful but also look great. These days, yoga pants have different designs or patterns made on them. You can get pants with swirls, patches, skyline design and even flowers.

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Pants are also available that have lines down their sides. These make the wearer look taller and leaner. Yoga pants with pockets are also available, and they mix style with practicality.

Waists of yoga pants can be very wide, and are sometimes made of another color. This also adds style and design to otherwise simple yoga pants. Some pants have stitching that is of contrast to the basic pants color. The idea, again, is to add color and design to make these pants appear smarter and more beautiful.

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While some people opt for simple yoga pants, others want theirs to be trendy and colorful. Whichever kind of pants you want, you can rest assured that you will find one according to your liking.


Washing Instructions:

Yoga pants can be washed according to washing instructions that come with the garment. However, as a general rule, these pants are machine washable. They can then be air-dried and are ready to be worn again.

If you practice yoga very often, and do exercises that result in a lot of sweating, it is best to have more than one yoga pants so when one of them is washed, you have another one to wear in case the first one has not dried yet.

Conclusion: the Do’s and Don’ts of Yoga Pants:

As a conclusion, we are going to mention the Do’s and don’ts of wearing yoga pants. Follow these tips to ensure that you always look good in your pants and you are wearing pants that suit your needs.

Do’s Of Yoga Pants:

  • Buy the correct size. You do not want yoga pants that are too tight; they will make you very uncomfortable.
  • Try on your pants before buying them. Try out a few postures. Ideally you should be able to touch your toes while standing and without bending your knees, without feeling too much stretch.
  • Pay attention to the material. Synthetic fibers are more flexible and should be the material of choice.
  • Choose a color that you like, while keeping in mind the use of your yoga pants (for example dark colors for hot yoga, etc.)
  • Get yourself a new pair of yoga pants when your old ones have become stretched and loosened.
  • Wear yoga pants to dance, aerobics and evrn running and cycling. You can wear them for other exercises too.
  • Wear them with accessories if you are planning to head outside in them. Carrying a chic handbag and wearing smart sunglasses along with your yoga pants will change your entire look and make your look smarter, while maintaining that casual look.

Don’ts of Yoga Pants:

  • Don’t wear yoga pants to work, no matter how stylish they are. Yoga pants are considered informal wear, and no amount of design is going to make them into appropriate formal attire. Just like you will never wear your pajamas to work, you should never wear yoga pants to work either.

Nowadays yoga pants are available that resemble slacks, and hence some people justify that they can be worn to work. However, it is best to avoid it. Surely, you have a few minutes to change clothes between yoga and work?

  • Don’t buy pants that are too loose, unless you just want to focus on meditation. Loose yoga pants can hinder with your exercise routine and make you feel uncomfortable during yoga.
  • Don’t buy overly colorful yoga pants. They might seem pretty on the display rack but as long as your pants are for yoga only and not to be worn outside, go for pants that are in more neutral shades.
  • Don’t wear yoga pants after they have become faded. Get yourself a new pair instead
  • Don’t wear sheer pants. When you are buying yoga pants, make sure you see them in bright light, and sunlight if possible, to ensure that they are not see-through.



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