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All you must know about Eye Lenses, Eyebrows and Eye Makeup

About Eye Lenses, Eyebrows and Eye Makeup

Eyes are the most sensitive organ of the human body; you need to take great care of your eyes. Eyes show to maintain the vision of the body and help you to see things clearly. Eyes are the way to get to the heart of the onlooker, the prettier your eyes, better are chances that you can make an impression on someone. There are several things that you can utilize to make your eyes attractive and appealing. You can use several eyes lenses that can help you enhance the beauty of your eyes. Apart, for particular kind of lenses, applying make items can undoubtedly increase the beauty of your eyes.

Wearing eye lenses are a super fast way to make your eyes ravishing and noticeable. You simply have to put the lens in your eyes while you are leaving home, and when to return, you can pull them off and place them in the solution. For eyes makeup, you need a considerable measure of time, but the eye makeup is much attractive and appealing than wearing lenses.

Eye lenses

Enlarging Circular lenses

Circle lenses are decorative non-corrective lenses. People mostly wear the circular lenses to beautify their eyes. These lenses are only used for fashionable purposes. The circular lens covers the iris and the inner portion of the eyes. These lenses make the eyes look bigger and enlarged. These are accessible in some colors sizes. Usually, a lens of size 14 mm to 15 mm is best suitable for your eyes. These are non-corrective lenses and don’t help in improving the eyesight. The circular lenses are widely manufactured by the fashion designers of Japan, Korea, China and South Eastern part of Asia.

The eyes are the key to the heart. When looking at someone, the first thing is the eye contact. So you need to make up your eyes in a way that they look pleasing and charming to the onlookers. For making your eyes attractive, circular lenses are often utilized by ladies to enhance the beauty of your face.

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Some Benefits of Circular Lenses

There are several benefits that you gain by wearing the circular lenses. Some of the advantages are as follows:

Looks highly attractive

Every men and woman crave the need to look beautiful. The circular lens is special lenses that can help you to look beautiful. The women use the circular lens to enhance the beauty of the eyes. The eyes are enlarged and look bigger than original. Bigger eyes are much attractive in comparison to smaller and squinted eyes. It makes the eyes attractive and ravishing. Women use the circular lenses when they have to attend some parties’ or are while taking part in some social gatherings. Some men also tend to utilize the circular lenses.

Enhanced Eye protection

Eye protection is the primary thing when you are wearing a lens. The circular lens covers the inner eye; they protect the eyes from the dust particles and other solid particles. A long time exposure of eyes to dust can hamper the eyes and blur our vision, but with the help of circular lenses, you can increase the protection of your eyes. The circular lenses don’t only dust particle to reach the inner parts of the eyes, thus keeping your eyes safe and protected.

Much Convenient

In comparison to wearing glasses, the circular lenses are comfortable and much convenient to wear. You simply have to place them in your eyes, while you are going out and when you return just remove from the eyes and place them in the solution. Wearing glasses is somewhat hectic, as you need to take care of your glasses wherever you go.


The circular lenses are readily available in the markets easily. There are many bright colors of lenses that can beautify your face. The lenses are available in various colors; you can buy the colors that match with your outfit.

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Decorative Halloween lenses

Eyes are the windows of the heart. They allow us to understand and see many beautiful things in this world. Eyes are a great blessing without which an individual would rather miss all the colors of the beautiful universe. But unfortunately, some people are deprived of this one big gift from God. On the other hand, there are some who can’t see properly because of the numerous defects of eyes. But necessity is the mother of invention. The recreational mind of man designed ways to overcome these flaws. These individuals use contact lenses or glasses. Many different people use Contacts, commonly named as lenses. Many people consider contacts to be a blessing. Contacts take away the annoying frames of glasses on your face.

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Recreational lenses

People who need a vision correction can wear contact lenses without any complications or problems. New materials and lens care technologies have made today’s contact lenses more comfortable, safer and easier to wear. But these lenses are not only worn by those who have some sight issues. Some people use contacts for recreational purposes. A common example is Halloween lenses or Fairy lenses.  As we know, lenses alter the look of our eyes. We can change the natural color and design of our eyes by wearing contacts. Halloween lenses are one of those which people use to vivify their eyes. There are different kinds of fashion lenses used. People as on Halloween want to look scarier, so they also want to change the color and looks of their eyes along with their costumes. But in doing so, they forget all the disadvantages these lenses do to our eyes.

Advantages of contact Lenses 

Halloween lenses are getting common these days like this help a lot to dress up during Halloween completely. Different colors give attractive looks. Same goes with the ones ladies use to beautify their eyes. These smart lenses come in various forms and designs. It not only gives your eyes a great posture but also enhance your personality as beautiful eyes attract people. Different types include zombie eyes scary lenses, cat eyes and different color contacts. These things are getting more and more common these days. Many colored lenses make eyes look bright and charming.

Disadvantages of Contact Lenses

Apart from all the merits and good looks that these lenses provide, there are some demerits too. These are artificial lenses, and there are likely chances of your eyes to get damaged. As there is a different piece of fiber in your eye, it can easily affect the proper functioning of our eyes. One’s eyes can get weak by frequent use of these types of lenses. People can have severe vision problems by the continuous wearing of these of lenses. Eyes feel uncomfortable and in turn upset you.

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Halloween Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are much common these days. These lenses are used as an alternative to wearing the glasses. The contact lenses are used by the people because they impart a natural look to your eye and are undetectable. Moreover, they are convenient and simpler to use. Some people wear contact lenses on a daily basis, others only wear these lenses on some special occasions like Halloween.

On Halloween, everyone wants to disguise in a scarier and shocking appearance. They tend to wear costumes of different types and pairing these dresses with various types of contact lenses makes there look truly shocking.

Types of Halloween Contact Lenses

The people on Halloween wear many kinds of Halloween contact lenses. These lenses are mainly worn to make your appearance shocking and scary. The contact lenses can be used to make yourself more prominent and eye-catching in the crowd. If you are dressing like a zombie or if you are going to dress up like a vampire, the Halloween contact lenses will adorn and elevate your scary appearance. Following are some types of contact lenses readily available in the market.

Blackout Contact Lenses

The Blackout contact lenses cover the natural color of your eye and make your eye completely black. These create a scarier look and fit with every type of Halloween costume. These lenses are perfect for creating a high-impact on the onlookers.

Cat Eye Contact Lenses

Using the cat eye contact lens you can transform your eyes like those of cats. By wearing these lenses, you will have a vertical eye-pupil just like a cat. This appearance will make you noticeable and prominent in the crowd.

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Devil Contact Lenses

At Halloween, everyone wants to create a mean look. The scary devil contact lenses will impart a wicked and shocking look to your eyes. The devil contact lenses fit with every type of costumes you wear. These lenses come in wide range of colors and designs.

Vampire Contact Lenses

Many people opt for vampire clothing when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. Wearing the vampire contact lenses will complete your entire look, thus making you truly shocking. The vampire contact lenses suit your appearance and much comfortable to wear.

lenses 10

Werewolf Contact Lenses

Some people dress up like werewolves at Halloween. The werewolf dress up is much scarier than any other type of dressing. So to make your dressing scarier, you should opt for the werewolf contact lenses. These can also be worn with a different kind of costumes too.

White out Contact Lenses

White out contact lenses can pair up with any Halloween costume that you wear. These lenses make your eyes white hiding the true lenses color of your eye. They give a shocking look.

Zombie Contact Lenses

The zombie contact lenses are the stand out amongst all the other type of lenses. The lenses are available in a wide range of designs and colors. You can impart a professional look to your zombie costume by wearing these lenses.

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Eye Makeup



The eyebrows of the human face are the most important facial feature. They perform many important functions like filtering dust, sweat and dirt, that might get into your eyes. Apart, from bodily functions they have a significance for emotional expressions too, which helps in facial recognition. The expression like anger, surprise, or sexiness are more visible with the help of eyebrows. The makeup artist consider the eyebrows as an essential part in defining a person’s face. Eyebrows are considered and essential part of human face. The cosmetic methods have developed several ways which can help you to make your eyebrows ravishing and beautiful. You can alter the colour of your eyebrows and make them look distinctive and attractive.

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Tattooed Eyebrows

Tattooed eyebrows are called as the permanent eyebrows that are made through certain cosmetic methods. The tattooed eyebrows are a sort of permanent makeup and save you a great deal of time. Women having sparse eyebrows can opt for permanent tattooed eyebrows. This will save then a lot of time while they are doing makeup. You don’t have to use eyebrow pencils to repeatedly makeup your eyebrows that will save much time. The permanent eyebrows make your ace defines and look much sexy then ordinary eyebrows. It serves as hair loss correction, even if your body has a tendency to lose hair, your eyebrows will not be lost. Many actors and makeup artist opt for tattooed eyebrows, because they save time during makeup.

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Some drawbacks of Tattooed Eyes

  • There is certain degree of pain involved in making tattooed eyebrows. You have to suffer a bit of pain while you get your tattooed eyebrows. Although, the pain is short lived but still you have to endure it.
  • One major drawback of tattooed eyebrows is that you cannot change or alter the style of your eye brows, once done it cannot be corrected again.
  • In fewer it is seen that the tattooed eyebrows can cause certain infections to sensitive skins. You may develop puffy scars or keloids after having this sort of treatment.


Smoky Eyes

You can use various shadings that can make your eyes look beautiful and ravishing. Smoky eyes are one form of eye makeup that you can wear to make your appearance eye-catching and attractive. For developing your smoky eyes, you ought to utilize three color shades. A light creamy color, a medium color that will act as a base and a dark color that will make the smoky color.

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Scheme of Colours

There are several colors that you can use to make smoky eyes. If you are using green color for your eyes, it will look perfect with plum and smoky gray eyes. If you are utilizing blue color, then a mixture of copper and gold color shades will do the perfect job for you. Brown color goes perfectly with gray and navy color shades.


Procedure for Smoky Eyes

If you are to make smoky eyes, then you should apply primer two to three hours before you start to make up for the eyes. The primer is used so that the makeup done on the yes, settles perfectly in line.

  • The powder and concealer are mostly applied under the eyes to eliminate the dark circles around the eyes. You ought to swipe a creamy concealer under your eyes and after swiping the concealer use a fluffy brush to apply powder underneath your eyes. It will eliminate the dark circles.
  • After curling your eyelashes, blend a dark shade that will settle for your eyes. It is not necessary that you have to use the black shade, you can use any dark color including navy, gray, forest green, plum, shimmery brown, etc.
  • Soft makeup lines around your eyes will give you a sexy and attractive look. You don’t have to go hard on makeup, using light and soft makeup shades will do a perfect job for you. For makeup around the eyes use the smudge brush for perfection.
  • Utilize a highlighter and a line up for finishing off your eyes. The highlighter of some shimmering color can help you to develop a great look. For bottom lashes, the line-up can help you make a dark impression.
  • No smoky eyes are ever complete without a touch of mascara. Mascara is an essential element that makes your smoky eyes look gorgeous and attractive.

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Mascara for Eye Lashes

The mascara coats your eyelashes and makes them prominent and ravishing. No makeup is ever complete without a final touch of mascara to your eyes. Every kind of eye makeup includes mascara as a key component. The mascara gives you a cleaner and neater look. Moreover, the mascara helps in aligning your lashes; it gives a natural lash enhancement. For a great impression of your eyelashes, you can curl up your eye lashes and then apply black mascara because black color works for all.

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Key Ingredients of Mascara 

There are various ingredients in a mascara. It is made impeccably and brilliantly because it is used for the eyes. Every component that is incorporated, while specifying a mascara is combined purposely and after various experimentation that it would not impact the eyes or the eyelashes. The key components of any mascara proceed as some time recently. Fragments of shades, other oils and certain sorts of waxes, and at last a couple of additional substances are added to ensure the surface and shading of mascara for a long time.

Significance of Mascara

Varying ingredients and things can update your eyelashes in unique ways. There are particular alternatives that you might consider when wearing mascara, for occasion extending the length of mascara, thickening the mascara, molding mascara and wearing waterproof mascara. It’s, however, the key to keeping in mind the types of mascara and select one that fits for your eyelashes and the event you’re going to.

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The Poor Application of Mascara

If you wear mascara correctly, it can result in thick and longer more beautiful eye lashes. On the other poor application of mascara can damage your eye lashes in various ways.

  • When you apply very thick mascara and don’t let it to dry properly then a constant application of layer after layer of mascara, will make your eyes look globby and clumpy.
  • The ideal way of applying mascara is from root to tip. If you don’t use mascara in a similar manner, then you will end up in using non-uniform mascara on your eyelashes.
  • You should always try to balance the mascara that is deposited on the eyelashes. Sometimes it happens that you start off with the lower eyelashes depositing too much on, the lower lashes.
  • Always used a dark black colored mascara, if you use light colored mascara it will look unnatural and odd.
  • If you blink too much while applying mascara, it will disrupt the uniformity of mascara, and it will also affect your eyes. If you blink too much after applying mascara, it will give a raccoon eye effect, which you would not want in any case.


Brushes and Several Accessories for Eye Makeup

There are a huge number of accessories and brushes that women use while applying makeup on their eyes. These accessories include:

Eyelash Curler

It is a scissor type material that the women use to curl up their eyelashes. Curled eyelashes really look fascinating. The eyelash curlers are a great accessory.

Eyelash Curler Pad

In addition to the eyelash curler pad, the eyelash curler pad is also readily available in the markets. Placing these pads keeps your eyelashes curled.

Eye Shadow Brush

It is a particular type of brush that is used while you are making p smoky eyes. These brushes are very useful in creating a shadowing effect around your eyes.

Comb and Brush

Comb and brush is a unique tool that has a little comb structure on one side for the eyebrows and eyelashes. While on the other side, it has brush type structure that helps in applying makeup quickly on your eyelids.

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