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Ladies Modern Nails Styles for a More Beautiful You

Like the other body parts, nail is a thing of quite importance. If they are kept clean and trimmed, it gives the impression of a healthy personality. Nail is a part of claw that is used to grip something as well as a source of decorating your hands and making them look more attractive. Basically the original color of the nails is in a pinkish tone but eventually it also depends upon the physical health of the person. Usually it is seen that a person with poor health has pale, yellow and brittle nails. Nowadays, modern nails has taken the place of that old styled natural nails and girls love to keep decorated modern nails as a habit.


Nails as a Status Symbol

With the wide spread of fashion media, modern nails have become a status symbol. They are taken as a sign of a healthy person. Keeping and maintaining long and ornamental nails has become a whole new field for fashion industry. New trends have been introduced since the last few years which includes different techniques to decorate and make your nails more attractive. Fashionable ladies have been using different tricks and ideas to keep their nails look healthier.

The evidences of growing and decorating luxurious nails relates back to 1920s and 1930s. By that time ladies from the rich noble families tinted their nails with different kind of glosses and oils. If we put a glance at the Egyptian era, we will come to know that ladies from posh families tinted their nails with rose petals and egg whites. It was seen that the ladies belonging to richer background used to paint their nails with bright and darker colors while those from the poor families paint them with lighter colors.

Beautiful Modern Nails Designs

Long and shiny nails is a symbol of a fashionable trendy woman. Any lady who is expected to a fashion freak and loves glamour is supposed to start her fashion from keeping longer nails. Nails are usually polished or painted with different nail colors just to match the outfit a lady is wearing. During previous decade, the only fashion related to nail was to keep them with a long length with perfect shape while coloring them with matching nail colors but with the past few days a new innovation is made in the decoration of modern nails, this innovation is called nail art.

modern nails

Nail Art

Nail art is the idea given by fashion trend setters, here they decorate ladies modern nails with a new style which is called nail art. With the term nail art, we mean that nails are colored with more than one shade of nail color whereas different styles are given to the nails through them. The basic two types of modern nail designs are as under,

  • Sparkle Nail Art
  • Abstract Nail Designs

Modern nail designs undergo changes on a daily basis. There are multiple styles, themes and diagrams that collectively make a fabulous nail designs. Some ladies like to wear matte styles while a few may like the specific glittering nails. The huge versatilities of the modern nail designs are always welcomed by the fashion freaking ladies.

Here we are going to discuss the latest trends in modern nail designs and a few examples of nail art.

Modern Nail Art Designs for all Nails Type

The basic difference between the nail styles is their length as some of the trendy ladies like long sharp modern nails while the decent and sophisticated ladies love to keep their nails with short length. Different style of nail art is being introduced for both the shape and size of modern nails.

If anybody knows themodern nails art trend started in ancient days when people used to put henna on their nails to decorate them.  Here is a list of some of the most interesting and outstanding modern nail designs which are much appreciated by the ladies throughout the world.

  1. Printed Nails with White Background

White and golden shade makes a beautiful blend of royal style nail art. Here the basic color given to nails is white and dynamic designs with the golden colored nail enamel are made upon it. This design goes good with short length nails as well as the long length ones.

1.	Printed Nails with White Background

Teenage Rock star Design

This design is much liked by the teen age girls. They make some funky rock star on their nails with white background. Use exciting colors to make this style look more awesome.


  1. Snow fall Nail Art

This type of style is much liked in the winter season. To make this nail art design somewhat broader size of nails is required because it requires to show the complete snow and cherry blossoms painting on your nail. With a blend of white, red and black color, this snow white style looks more gorgeous. Moreover, silver colored dots make this nail art more stunning.


  1. Funky Tattoo Nail Art Design

This design is the perfect means of bringing smile to anyone’s face. Usually lighter colors are used to make this design. Sky blue, baby pink, white, grey and black are the best recommended colors to make this style. White and black color is used to make the eyes and nose of the tattoo face. If you are expert enough then you can make outstanding designs with lighter colors.

tatto style nails

  1. Snake Skin Nail Art

If you are thrill lovers and love adventures then you can go for the snake skin nail art. With the use of grey, black and white colors, you can make your nails looking slither and frightening. Usually any sort of net made loofa is used to make this snake skin nail art.


 How to Do Modern Nail Art?

Clean, long and well- shaped nails always add a touch of flair to your personality. It modifies your personality into more gorgeous look. Nail art is the best way to give your personality a glamourous look. It is more of a professional skill but with a little effort and expertise one can learn this art of decorating nails.

Listed below are some of the best tips and ways to learn the art of nail designing. Follow the following six step if you want to become the master of modern nail art.

  • Preparing the Nails

First of all remove any kind of nail polish if your nails are covered with them and clear the edges and sides of the nails. Use a fine trimmer and file your nails in a better shape with this trimmer.


Do not trim your nail to a very short length as there should be enough space to work with nail art.


After trimming the nails apply a base coat to your nails. These are clear in shade and are the best way to protect your nails from drying or any sort of damage.


  • Initial designs

There are two kind of techniques to give a glittering effect to the nails. Follow any one of the following procedure,

  • Either you mix the glitter powder to your nail polish and apply it on your nails and go for a second coat when it get dried.
  • Or apply nail gel /polish to your nail and dust glitter over it. After the drying of nail polish and glitter go for a second coat.

After applying the above procedure, apply the nail color to the tip of the nail. Remember this should be a separate color. When it gets dry place a manicure sticker across the nail while the tip should be kept exposed. Now paint the tip color from the upper side of sticker and remove the sticker even though if it is wet. Let the design to dry and give the final touches to the clear top coat.

The next step with this procedure is to add some jewels or stickers of your choice to your nail. To start with this procedure, apply a basecoat color to your nail and apply it to dry. Put nail gel or glue on the nail on the nail. With the help of tweezer or clutch pick up a jewel and drop it on the glue or nail gel and further let it to dry. Now apply the nail color once again in order to keep the sticker or jewel to its position.


  • Polka Dot Design

This can be done by selecting any two colors of contrasting shades. To decorate the nail with this design, apply the base coat color and let it to dry. Now with the help of a toothpick or pin make the dot pattern by immersing the toothpick in the other nail polish of the contrasting color. Once you pick the dot with the help of tooth pick tap it on your base coat. Repeat this step till the desired number of dots you require are completely finished. Choose the size of the dots according to your style. Once the dots are dried apply final nail coating to your nail and enjoy the fascinating looking modern nail.


Besides making the dot pattern, you can also decorate your nail with a floral design. This pattern can be gathered by an arrangement of multiple dots. Here three colors should be selected, each one for the following reason,

  • Base coat Color
  • Flower’s central portion Color
  • Color for the petals.


The floral design can be made with the help of a thin pointed brush, toothpick or any pointed material. With the help of these thin tipped brushes, make groups of five dots and arrange them in a circle .These five dots will act as a petal. Give some time to the petals to dry and after that made the central circle with the help of the same color. For a more real look you can even use green nail color to make tiny leaves on the top of the petals.

When you get done with the floral design apply the final coat to your nail.


Do not over crowd your nail with excessive flowers or leaves design. Draw only few but distinct flowers on each nail


Modern Nail Art Ideas for Lazy Girls

There are some very easy and simple ways of decorating your nails in a very unique style. Many times it happens that you want to look modern and trendy like all other females but you do not have enough time to spend for this purpose because of two reasons. One you are a working woman and is always facing a run short of time for make overs. Secondly, some girls are lazy enough to spend time on these kind of tantrums. Here are some of the easiest designs of modern nails that can give you an attractive looking nail without much effort.

  • You can use a loofah to create an easy nail art design. Use two nail polishes of different shades. Now apply a basecoat and above that paint your nail with a different color over the loofah.
  • The modern nails can be given a chic look by applying a white base coat. Now make an outline with the black nail polish in a curved shape and further on fill the curved area with black nail polish. This beautiful design with a blend of black and white is the simplest form of nail art.
  • For a laziest modern nails style just apply white nail polish as a base color and use multiple color polish of your choice and make small dots on the edges of the nail in a straight sequence.
  • Using a scotch tape to create a diagonal design with two contrasting colors. The simplest way is to cover half the nail diagonally with the help of tape and color the visible part of nail and when this coat get dried color the covered part after removing the tape with a contrasting shade.
  • With a little effort any girl can make the glittery colorful geometrical prints on your nails. All you have to do is to use nail polish of different colors and try to make three different geometric shapes. Pour some glitter in between to give it more trendy look. If you want you can add some jewels to it also.


Some Basic Nail Problems and How to Deal with Them?

Nails are a very delicate part of body and it can get injury very easily. There are multiple ways to get relief from these injuries. Here are some of the easiest ways to cure any kind of nail injury.

  • Applying ice may cure the injured nail very soon.
  • As soon as a part of nail gets detached, it should be removed immediately with the help of a nail cutter. After cutting the nail, cover this part with tape bandage.
  • Never let any skin infection near your nail to grow for more days. In case of any serious infection do consult a doctor.

Simple Home Remedies for Broken Nails

If anyone loves the habit of keeping modern nails then she should also know simple home remedies to cure any kind of injuries that may give you a harm. There are certain simple tips that may take you out of all such problems. Moreover, these tips will help you to grow longer nails and guide you about how to keep them safe and clean.

Simple Tips and Guidelines

  • If you want to keep your nails long and strong avoid using them as tools. Never use your nails to open some bottle corks, nails or any other kind of things.
  • Never keep your nails bare if you are planning to grow them long. Bare nails are actually an open invitation to damage and breakage. So always keep your nails covered either with a base coat or a nail color. Nails with a polish cover have less chances of tearing and breakage.
  • A well moisture nail is always the strongest one. It is highly recommended by the dermatologists that like hands and face, nails should be also equally moistened with any good quality hand or nail moisturizer. Besides lotions cuticle oil can also be used to keep your nails longer and stronger.
  • Adding some nail and skin health supplements will help you to give strength to brittle and damaged nails. One of the best example of such food supplement for nails is Biotin.
  • Weekly trimming and filing of nails will help you to grow healthy, strong and long nails.




Nails are porous in nature and they can absorb water easily. So, if you are working in water for long hours wear gloves on regular basis.


Modern Nail Art Halloween Ideas for Fashion Freaks

Besides the other simple, trendy, shocking, graceful and attractive nail art ideas, there are some funky Halloween nail art ideas for the teenage girls.




Shiny Skeleton Design

This design goes outstanding if made with dark purple or black color. For making the body parts of skeleton use white nail color. If you want more glow to your nail apply any sparkling shade to your nails.


Cobwebs Design

If you are planning to design an outfit for a Halloween party then this white spiderweb will go perfect on your nails. Use the white shade with any of your favorite darker shade to create a complete impression of a spider web on your nails.

Creepy Chic Looking Nail Art

If you are a fashion freak and love to try innovations then go for this creepy chic modern nails design. Here you have to color your nails not only on the top but bottom as well. Use contrasting colors to paint the tips and bottom of the nails. This unique style of nail art is much appreciated by the girls who love to look different.

Latest Trends in Nail Colors for Modern Nails

There is a long list of nail colors that can be worn in different seasons. For example some nail colors go good in the winter season while others go elegant in the spring days. Now we are going to discuss about a few lovely colors for the modern nails that can make your spring season go fresh.

  • Pastel Blue Shade

While welcoming spring, everyone wants to wear light and cool nail polish shades to feel more relaxed and at ease. Usually pastel blue color gives a general impression of the coolness of oceans and seas. New milky pastels are the perfect shades which will meet every outfit color’s requirement.


  • Light Grey Nail Color

The subdued grey shade of modern nails will create a soothing effect not only on the mood of the wearer but also other people. This pastel shade act as a fresh splash of color and comfort and makes your spring season more fabulous.




Light Mauve Effect

This is a magical shade for the modern nails because it is neither dark nor light rather a medium shade with a blend of light and dark colors. The richness of this nail color makes it to stand outstanding among the rest of the nail colors. Designing your nails with the low pitch of mauve shade will give your nails a healthier look.

Give a Softer Image with Milky Pink

This color can be called as the best epitome for the spring season. A modern nail decorated with this soft color looks quite calm and soothing. For all those nail art lovers who are fed up of shocking shades of nail polish can enjoy the spring breeze with this elegant color.


Short Nails No More a Problem

A few years back long nails are considered as the only nails to design with but latest innovations made in this field have shown that you can even enjoy awesome designs and nail art ideas with these short nails as well. At the end we are going to give few modern nail design ideas for short nails.

  • Never take your short nails for granted, they can even look more attractive and trendy than any other kind of long nails.
  • Always keep your short nails clean and in a perfect shape. Trim and file the edges weekly.
  • Usually border line designs are liked by the young girls. Paint the border edges of short nails with white or any other color polish and paint the remaining nail with any dark nail color of your choice.
  • If decorating the nails with jewels or stickers, avoid placing too much jewels on your nail as it may over-crowd your nail.
  • You may use glitter to decorate any one of your nail completely among other nails with any nail color.

In short, decorating and designing modern nails is one of the most interesting job especially for those who are fashion lovers.

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