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20 Top nails trends every woman should try in 2016

Things change, appearances, seasons, preferences, and so should you. 2016 is a year that practically forced us to witness a vast spectrum of trends, changes and quite a lot of variations. There are many trends that broke through this year, and we think that every woman is entitled to be fabulous. In the following list we shall bring you the means for you to look spectacular, and feel the same, relying on this year’s top nails trends, because we understand how important your nails are, just as we understand how essential nails are as fashion statement. And we absolutely appreciate nail art. We genuinely do.

1- Mirror, shiny enough to know whether you are the fairest of them all


A little more than 1000 different ideas for mirror nail polish are taking people by storm on Pinterest, and quite honestly, they are entitled to be taken. The storm features the most recent nail art, which relies completely on its most attractive feature, its metallic appearance. Mirror manicure came precisely after a glorious interval of time for nail bracelets; everyone thought that nail bracelets would dominate 2016 with its popularity. Mirror nail polish, on the other hand, emerged to prove that simplicity mixed with a dramatic sense could easily knock trends out in top nails trends. Apply your ordinary base coat of clear polish, then apply two coats of the new champion and it’s all concluded. Enjoy your reflective attractiveness.

2- Metallics, for boldness and wildness

mettalic nails

It’s quite a bit related to the previously celebrated mirror look. Metallics, shiny metallics, provide you with the opportunity to shine on like a crazy diamond. They might look like they have travelled via time machine from the eighties to our time, but they are fiercely back, and they are back in various combinations of colors and patterns. Set your wildness at the right wave and go for your favorite metallic shade.

3- The all new French manicure. It’s not the same, obviously

french nails

French manicure is trying to have an esteemed position among this year’s attractive top nails trends. It might as well succeed due to the fact that a few sneaky tweaks would be applied to the new futuristic version of the French manicure of this year. One of those tweaks and most likely the most important one of them all is how the line across the top of your nail will approach the world. As far is 2016 is concerned, the line you draw for your French look should avoid being natural by all means, which in a way reflects the 21st century’s extreme modernism and the sense of bold individuality that could easily be smelled in the world. This year is different for the French manicure; try as much as possible to create a shade of color that is extremely unexpected, and there you go, you ‘nailed’ it.

4- Checkers. Yes, checkers

checkered nails

Although it has its own kind of beauty stored in its appearance, we understand its cons. It might be quite difficult for Pablo Picasso to paint those tiny perfect squares, and so we understand what you’re thinking, we know you’re looking at them with the thought ‘How In heaven I’m going to do this?’ flashing in front of your head. Do not worry though because believe it or not, there is a solution for the rather craft-y-ish dilemma. Manicurist Naomi Yasuda provided us all with this perfect solution, which simply is tape. Only follow these steps to get a neat checkers look.

First, Paint your nails with the color you have decided to use as your base line. You can use white if you are experimenting this for the first time, later on you can try what Earth offers from color.

Secondly, cut suitable sized strips of Scotch tape. Paint the side that does not stick with the darker color and leave them to dry.

Once dry, cut the painted tape into very small squares.

At last, feel free to create your own world of checkers.

5- Did you know you could use letters?

leeters on nails

Letters on nails are entering this year with a strong form in top nails trends. They look great too, and they are a lot easier than what you had to do with your checkers look.

There is this easy method if you want it with handwritten font.

Start by painting your base coat. Apply 1 or 2 coats of the color you chose to embrace the letters. Pick a 4 or 5 letters word; if you choose a word that is consisted of 4 letters, you just got awarded the opportunity to draw something cute like a heart on your fifth nail.

At last, paint carefully the words that you had decided to paint with a thin brush.

6- Accentuate a nail by a cool design

accent nails

Accent nail designs constitute an important part in the family of 2016’s top nails trends when it comes to nail designs. Accent nails are a spectacular way to focus the spotlight on your artistic creativity. However, nothing will be turning your nails into a gallery of paintings because you will only need to accentuate a nail or two. The whole accent thing revolves around a base color, and a great design next to it.

You can, of course, sprinkle some glitter or add a splash of shimmer to push your accent nail into the spotlight. If you are one of those people with an exceptional nail painting talent, try illustrating an animal or a floral design. Accent nail designs are really something unique; the special technique will add elegance and uniqueness to your look.

7- Deep, deep greens

deep green nails

Search for the deepest green that is out there, grab it, and paint your nails with it. Deep shades of green are rich enough to make your nails look mysteriously beautiful. Do not think of it as a color to wear in winter only, be bold enough to grab your deep greens all year round.

8- Ballerina or Coffin nails, you make up your mind

belligerent nails

Ballerina or coffin nails are for people who can handle ballerina or coffin nails. It is undoubtedly one of the coolest trends out there in 2016 in top nails to follow with its flat tipped ultra-long shape. The ballerina shape is the one for you if you are on a quest to find a bold, edgy style.

9- Short ballerina, no, not short coffins

short bellerina nails

Short ballerina is the look for you if you are fond of its longer version but incapable of handling it. Do not worry though because short ballerina is one of 2016’s top nails trends.

10- 3D adornments

3d nails

It is in a way coping with our multi-dimensional age. One of this year’s top nails trends is for you to add a little 3D charm to your ordinary set of manicure. Small stones and crystals would be enough for the job. Try them and embrace the big difference a 3D object can make to your nails.

11- Do a little matching

matching nails

One of this year’s intriguing variations concerning nail art is the simple act of matching. You know how we sometimes long to match the colors of things. It is one of 2016’s most fashionable top nails trends to lend your nails, your eyes and your lips the same color or varied shades of the same color at least. It is in general similar to the simple concept of matching your handbags with your wardrobe.

12- Rainbows, because they are rainbows


Deciding to go for rainbows and similar stuff depends heavily on whether you are a fan of bright colors and their infinite combinations. Bright colors and multi-colored nails are strong this year. You can extend the trend with your creativity to where is no limits by having, for instance, a different variation of color for each nail. You can go sky high with the artisit inside you by matching the work of art your nails are with your make up. Yes, we said it, be bold enough to experiment such a delightful match.

13- Still got the blues


It is, as we know extremely pleasant to experiment with colors. However, one color seems to be forcing itself upon objects strongly this year, which is blue. But really, there isn’t something such as blue. The color indeed occupies a wide spectrum of micro-variations that are still blue, but not necessarily stuck to one shade. Blue has been trying to invade everything this year, starting from clothing, handbags, it made its way also to makeup and here we are discussing the beauty of its possibilities to create magnificent nail art.

14- French mani, the other way around

french manicure nails

This thing is practically an inverse French manicure of the sort. A line that is drawn at the bottom of your nail brings you automatically into the spotlight of 2016’s hottest top nails art trends. It is not conventional, it is wildly unexpected. It yet has its portion of elegance. Rest your lines, wherever those will be, on a nude or a creamy background for an effect that will strike really hard.

15- Less is more, or simply minimalist

minimalist nails

Ever heard of the statement less is more? Well, if you have never heard of it, it is time to understand it and embrace it. Minimalist designs are strong this year, and they are undoubtedly one of the year’s to stay trends. Your initial approach towards a minimalist design could simply present itself by dotting. Dots are fun, cool, simple, and bold and yet they store within themselves a sense of wild elegance.

16- Time for some fun with art


All of the mentioned above lies under the category of nail art of course. However, they are all bound and limited by a set of rules even if not announced. For this style here, there are no rules for you to be looking at; it is like the kind of nail art where you are free to improvise as much as you wish. Artistic nail designs that can bring a smile to the face is something we have all dreamt about or thought of even if for a moment. It is your turn now to create a similar thing.

17- Uhm, Yellow in Top Nails Trends

yellow nails

Yellow, in a sense, has always been the color of something that is outside the zone of our use. Yellow is one of the colors that rarely come in handy, it could be seen a lot with eggs though. Anyway, as for this year’s nail art trends; yellow is going to occupy a whole different position. It is recommended to use yellow for your nail art this year, some colors are just coming for it in 2016.

18- Red for passion


We have discussed a couple of colors that hold nothing unique within their names but having a different situation this year. Same could be same for the color red, only this time we are speaking of a color that is almost absolutely sacred to humanity. The wide spectrum of reddish shades could be used this year, as the umbrella color is having a place reserved in 2016 and does not want to be left out. Use red either to ignite sensations or to express your bold elegance.

19- One stroke

one stroke nails

It seems to us that one of this year’s awesome trends is the single artistic brush stroke. It does not fill your nail with an artistic portrait like some other designs but it carries within itself a heavy artistic sensation that could easily make your nails stand out in a crowd consisted of the earth’s population. Several runways have showcased this trend and made it clear that the working factors are multiple. It showed us and rather proved to us that the style is not by any means random. Put in consideration, the polish, the placement of the stroke and whether it is horizontal or vertical. If you manage it not coming off as messy, it will be artistic no matter how it looks like.

20- Gold will forever be gold


If you have ever fancied yourself as Aladin’s girlfriend, Jasmine when you were a kid, it is absolutely okay for you to continue the fancying now. Gold, as a color, is one of this year’s very strong competitors. It looks elegantly powerful and gives you a slight sensation that stems from the wonderful Arabian nights.

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